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I received a racist text message from someone I exchanged numbers with on a dating site (never joining that again). I have all the evidence pictures, messages, him identifying himself, and his number, but is it worth reporting to you? What could you do? The phone company helped a lot, but no one can seem to bring this hurt to his attention. I\’m almost sure the authorities won\’t be of any help because its \"nonviolent\".

Hi, our intention is not to target individuals but to bring change to a system and process. However, if you have evidence to proof your case, you can report it on our website and share the link with the persons involved as well as with the world. Thank you for visiting Best Wishes! Team

I am well aware that racism is pervasive but can you compare racism with sexism? I am a white woman and I have never been discriminated against for work. Yes there are people who do not like women but I hardly think I live in a sexist society. Thank you.

Sexism is a form of discrimination and should not be condoned at any level of society. The comparison and interpretation can be elusive depending on the context and relationships, society and level of severity. We would say that they are somewhat comparable. Please let us know if you have other ideas. Best Wishes! Team

I am well aware that racism is pervasive but can you compare racism with sexism? I am a white woman and I have never been discriminated against for work. Yes there are people who do not like women but I hardly think I live in a sexist society. Thank you.

My name is Tony Gambrell i am a black man. I have been having problems with some neighbors (all white).I have had my medicine taken out my mailbox and throwed all over the ground. one of my other neighbors seen it being done. I called the police to report it but because the neighbor did not want to get involved there was nothing i could do to prove it without my neighbor. These neighbors would build fires late in the night i would call the fire department they would make them put it out,but they would start it back up later. These people had a extention cord running across the road with cars going across it at all times. They have children in diapers playing on it and all around it without supervision. i called DSS they done nothing. They stayed in a condemed house for along time with them small kids. Codes was called but again nothing. I have told my my landlord about all this and he does nothing. I have been buying land from my landlord, one of my neighbor has a fence on the land. I ask my neighbor to take it down but he wont. My landlord was suppose to talk to him to get him to take it down but still nothing. I have talk to codes,DSS, fire department,and wrote a letter to Nikkie Haley nothing. I want to know is it because i am black.

Dear Sir/Madam, We are very sorry to hear what you are going through with your neighbours. Would it be possible for you to install a secret CCTV camera in front of your card to get the cuprits on tape as an evidence for prosecution? This will go a long way to bringing the perpetrators to justice. We hope that you are okay and well. Please do not give us, try as much as possible to collect some form of evidence for prosecution. Best Wishes! Team

I was treated disrepects at elementary school. I feel like cause i am asian. I like to report so in the future my kid will have same right with others

Thank you for your report on, you have taken the first steps to enable us start a process for change in the World. Best Wishes!

my report is open? i fear online attacks.recente post –

We understand your concerns, does not condone the use of in apropriate words or contents on our website, where we have missed something, we encourage our users to report any in dissent report or comments on the website. Your email and identity will not be shown to the public. Best Wishes!

I was told about a Facebook profile called "Adam Uppity Negro Crail". From the posts I read, seems this is a nickname his parents gave him. I’m shocked but not sure if this is protected speech or a form of racism and, if so, what to do about it. Please provide some perspective.

Hi, thank you for contacting We have gone through the facebook page below: and we have not found anything on his timeline offensive. Could you please give us more clarification on what exactly is the issue. Many thanks and we hope to hear from you again. Kind Regards, Support Team

How do I report an officer calling me a start nigger,and slamming me against a wall will handcuffed. I’ve had racial problems since moving to Dubuque Iowa

We are sorry to hear what you have gone through in the hands of so called law enforcement officers, it sounds pathetic and unjust. We will advice to be more prepare in the in the future with recording devices which can be easily activated unnoticeable. All you need is some sort of evidence either audio or video to make a case, but in the mean time we advice you to report the abuse to your local police station, please make a police report with the exact time, place and other info like the officers name (on the batch) and even his or her registration plate numbers will be very useful when making your official report.

Please come back to us if any of the above was not of any help to you and we wish you good luck and healthy living in your state.

Take care, Team

My daughter was stopped and given a ticket for reckless driving In a town called Gordonsville, Virginia by a white police officer. To her disgust and surprise on the ticket for race it had "N", she did not know whether it was for negro or nigga. Who does that? We are both so hurt to know this still goes on. My daughter and I are both Army Veterans, have been stationed abroad and have never been subjected to this. Did he stop her because she was Black? When she questioned The Orange County Assistant commonwealth’s Attorney Clarissa Berry, she said it probably means "Not Know", because she knows the police officer, Come to find out thru my daughter’s Attorney, from that area, the use of the "N" word is common practice.Does my daughter have any recourse? This needs to stop. I would like to know how to get this out to the Media, and also Rev Sharpton, that this close to the Nations Capital they are humiliating the very people that made this Country great? Thank You Jo Ann Slade

Dear Jo Ann,

We are very sorry to hear about your story and how this have affected you and your daughter. It is very difficult to prove the “N” word in a court of law because the officers could argue that it had a different meaning. In any case, we will suggest you visit the local police station to enquire the meaning of the “N” word on the ticket before moving the case forward. Please let us know the outcome. All the best!

Can you please remove this shit, its fucking up things for me? Please read the idiots report, the replies and my defence from my friends.Christ, the text I was quoting was a fucking ANTI nazi ANTI racism song. The guy that reported me is a jelous idiot, who belives that I have had sex with his wife… wich is really propable, since I live in Sweden and she lives in the US. The schmuck have made several jelous posts. This is utterly fucking insane, and I would really love some support here!Thank you very much for fucking up my life, you twats!

Hi, Our sincere apologies for any inconveniences the post might have caused you. Although we do not take responsibility for citizens report as was mentioned in the terms and condition but we have now deleted the post as we believe that the reporter did not provide a stronger evidence to make a better argument. In the future it will be better to email us directly at for a quicker response and action.

We wish you a great week ahead.

Kind Regards,

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