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I am being stalked by and have been harassed by a racist ex. I posted something about him last year and now he has retaliated with a false report about me. I actually already filed a police report about this individual Paul Senza in the Fairfax County Police Station. Please check your records and call and verify 703 691 2131. I really need you to remove this false info immediately . My name is Anita Bahramy and he used both my name and Instagram ANITA0078_ . I am going back to the police tomorrow as he has already attempted several threats which I've already reported. Please remove this ..I greatly appreciate your assistance . You will find all my information is true. He called the FBI and filled out a false report that I was a terrorist and I went to the police and posted on your site. Please do not enable this dangerous predator

My son has been subject to racist and demeaning comments by his coaches at his high school. He has many witnesses to attest to that. I am seeking a remedy to the situation.

Hi Please can you report the matter to the School Principal and if that did not help the local school authority can be reported to for disciplinary action again the school teacher. Please email us at if this did not help. All the best and Good Luck! Team

As the target of a false racist charge on your website, I am trying to understand if this website provides true insights into racism, or is it just a way to libel people on the Internet?I posted a reply to the terrible false claim made about our website, and a day later the reply is "awaiting moderation". I am guessing that if I were to wait another week it would still be blocking my reply with the "awaiting moderation" moniker.Your terms of service state that you "will not be held liable for the consequences or harm a racist report may cause to any individual or parties". But if you are notified of libel posted on your website and you do nothing to prevent it — and don’t at the very least allow the target of such a false claim to post a response — then you are indeed responsible for allowing the libel to be published by you.Further, you state, "All users will be held responsible for their reports…." Yet you do not state in what manner users will be held accountable, and by whom. Will you be investigating this false report of racism, and will you be holding the person making the false claim responsible? Will you either remove the false claim, or at least publish our response?We are very interested to hear your response.The false claim of racism is located here: NorthropFounder, Lottery Post

Hi Todd,
We have posted your reply to the comment. It was had to moderate because of the words you use to end the reply. Please can you provide us a link to your website, we would like to monitor your website for a few days for racist activities and if we find no such things we would be happy to delete the post in question.

Kind Regards, Team

I am one of the growing number of grassroots types putting out information on the internet about possible psychotronic attacks and gangstalking. I am not an expert. The problem with being out of touch with the technical world is that someone like me can pick up some of this stuff psychically or intuitively – or on some level generated by possible psychotronic invasion – but there is no proof. I am in the United States. So often people like me will talk about possible victimhood but it can come across as unlikely no matter how sincere the effort because of the invisibility of the internet. Kooks and liars can get mixed in with sincere people. It is hard to tell the difference over the internet, so voiced concerns about these things can end up being washed out by this uncertainty. I will continue to put out my intuitive feelings and other people's ideas about psychotronics and gangstalking on my website, but I will remain uncertain until there is more definitive support and proof. I ask that you see if you can work with me in these matters. I suspect I am the victim of anti-female stalkers perhaps in the back end police operations; there might be a religious fundamentalist component. I have been studying more about Nazis and their origins and do suspect there might be a link there, as well. I also suspect a non-white international component because I pick up those vibes, too. These feel like people who might be Eastern Europeans, Jews, Blacks or Hispanics, maybe a mix, who have had some kind of experience of victimization and also in a weird way I suspect guilt and complicity. A mix of victims and people who cooperated or lead bad things against victims, but non-white types. This is not to say everyone is guilty of attacking me; I am not paranoid. It is just I psychically pick up more than one group watching me or following me. Perhaps they are working together on some level, which I have read about on the internet from uncertain websites that cannot be relied on, but offer ideas nonetheless. In summation, I am letting you know I am here, I am one of several people who feel they might be victims of gangstalking and some form of psychotronic or psychic attack, I have some kind of psychic ability to pick up on this sort of thing in certain ways, and I am reaching out to realistic, nuts and bolts types who like facts and answers, not hype or mystical solutions. I feel I have experienced some of the types of attacks found on lists repeated across the internet, but not all of them. Some of the items make sense. Thank you. Terri Website The Golden River

Dear Sir/Madam: I am a new immigrant from China. Right now, I am a college student in Iowa. Today, when I came in classroom, my classmate said "Asian not allowed for this classroom".This is not the first time, I don't like jokes like that.Also I never offend anyone at school, but I always run into this situation. I do not know what should I do if this situation happen again. Do I need find a lawyer, call police, or talk to college's present? Please give me a recommendation. sincerely.

Can blacks be racist too?

Yes, blacks can be racist too. We are one human racist and what unites us are more common than what divides us. We should come together and live as one. The Earth belongs to us all.
Kind Regards,

Can you please remove name of Karolina Szympke-Alfonso from your website. Text that was written on your site is defamatory and not true. Person that wrote it was fired for sending terrorist threat video and decided to slander her because she reported his unprofessional behavior to managers. I don't think its correct of you to post any defamatory information about people without knowing the real situation. Can you please assist with removing this slanderous information?

A friend of mine has just brought the link below to my attention. I cannot tell you how much of a baseless, ridiculous, slanderous outright lie this is. What do I need to do to get this taken down? Im appalled that an ex girlfriend of mine would lie. Someone can just come on here, lie, post no proof, not even their name and people have to be subjected to slanderous lies on the internet? Do I need to contact a lawyer to contact you guys or what do I do? Any help is appreciated. I honestly cannot believe this. Thank you.

Hi, we encourage people not to mention names unless they have evidence. This website is not meant to target individuals but to raise awareness on racism and discrimination across the World. We have deleted the post in question as well as the report you made about your ex girl friend.

All the best and our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused you.

Kind Regards,

I was in Jared today and I felt real bad after this happen to me so me and my daughter was waiting for someone to help me for I can pay my bill so one of they employee came available so he went to ask a white man if he needs help and the man said no I'm with someone else so we walked over to him to ask can he help me I asked him who I go to to pay my bill he said anyone in the store and he looked at me like I was crazy so I asked him can he help me he said no u have to wait until everyone else gone and continue look in the jewelry case helping no one I felt so mad and hurt

I live in Kansas City Missouri. In my apartment complex there is a family that lives in the basement that is black. Mail was stolen from any people in the apartment reports from other people in the apartment are they saw "black kids" stealing the mail. Now i know it was not the kids from the family in the basement because im good friends with the 12 year old boy that lives there. My landlord has basically made the assumption that anytime they see a black person in the apartment it is a friend of the family. He since has told this family they need to leave i am so mad about this. The mom works 2 jobs they have money to pay rent and eat that is all. They have no place else to go. I want to help them as much as i can but i cant do much. I think this is racism and i think action needs to be taken.

Thank you for your report. Please send us more detailed information to our email: Kind Regards, Team

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