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Please remove my story I posted here: I am the real Gibran Nawaz. Thank you.

Hi I would like you to remove this report that I made: I made this report, I might have used the email or If you need any proof or have questions please let me know. Thank you. Sincerely, Gibran Nawaz

is using the words in Afrikaans " Die bekende Meide wat hiet werk|" n a racism impression Especially if placed op open media

How is it that a racist company in Aurora Indiana has slipped through the radar for so me years? Specialty Adhesive Film will not hire anyone of color. The owner, John allowed the boss, Dan Botuchis to make racial propaganda. Now Dan is a wrestling coach at South Dearborn school in Aurora.

Good Day Trust you are well, There has been a report put up about me being racist in requesting "Older white males" for a position. That was an innocent mistake sent out, without proof reading from superiors that I had no dealing in. I was the consultant at that time and it is a bulk mail sent out by our digital department as a candidate campaign. Please, please can you help me remove it, This is effecting employment opportunities.If I may have those who reported it, their details to at least explain the situation and apologize on the companies behalf. The company for which I am no longer employed with.Your help would be greatly appreciated, Regards Razina Abdulla

Hello, We cannot find the particular report on “Old white mails”, please can you send us the direct link in order for us to help you. We are happy with your apologies. Kind Regards, Team

Hello,A couple of boys from my daughter’s school posted a lie about her on this website.They admitted it was a bad joke, but the comment about Av***** being a racist is still showing up when I google her name.Please take it down immediately or I will contact authorities.

Hi, Our sincere apologies for getting back to you this late. We have received your email and since have deleted all the report concerning the innocent school girl. Thank you for bring this to our attention. Please send our love to your little girl. Kind Regards, team

Hi, I recently filed a report titled "Av**** the Rapist" that was completely false and was a bad attempt at humor. As this could be very detrimental to her future, myself and the falsely accused would greatly appreciate if this was taken down.

Thank you for your message, we have deleted the report and we would appreciate it if citizens of the world can be as honest and ethical as possible when reporting on this welbsite. Kind Regards, team

hi, I wanted to know how I could go about reporting racist text messages from someone who I was speaking with. I wanted to send the information to their employer notifying them of the situation and why they find it okay to hire someone like that. please help.

Thank you for visiting It is very difficult to report a racist text message with out a forensic evidence on the source and receiver ID. Perhaps you might try to capture some evidence through email, voice or video evidence. In any case we will encourage you to take your phone (originators text message) with you to the employer as an evidence when making the report to the employer, this will at least hopefully serve as a deterrent for future abuse by this particular employee. All the best! team

I was selling my car on Ebay and the buyer who won this auction firstly refused to pay and secondly he started to use a very bad languageI have reported him to Ebay.Today he sent me message I am enclosing,please read this message Bit of a donut can’t even speak the queens language should of known polish been reported for fraudulent advertising always up to know good as per usual can’t wait to get out the Euro you can go home and earn 200 a month in your well constructed house were you deserve to be for using criminal activity in this great country now have a nice day donki idiotaThis is what I received from him,I need your advice,pleaseThank you

The message is clearly a crime and should be reported to the police. Please make sure you have the perpetrators name, possibly address and phone number with the message and other interaction at Ebay as an evidence. It is a hate crime and should be reported to the police. It is sad to know that there are people who still think this way. Take care and all the best. Kind Regards, Team

Hello, I have gone to the police for racist harassment by an ex and was told to get a restraining order. I filed a report you after the police 8/2015.I just saw the offender respond to my anonymous report labeled @***** on 8/2015. The problem is 5 min later he filed a false report under my name An******. You can see the time stamp is literally minutes of the response to my original anonymous report which entailed Paul Senza of calling the FBI and filing a false report of me as a potential "terrorist " This is a very serious and dangerous issue. I will be going back to the police to file again and getting a restraining order against him. I’m very upset bc this false claim appears when you google my Name.:( Can you please take this down as I’m interviewing for a new job and won’t pass their backround check ? Please if you look at my original report it all clearly shows what I’m saying is true. I desperately need this to be removed from your search engine . I have the police info if you like to verify ! This is a serious now legal issue and your cooperation would be greatly appreciated . I’ve been harassed , demoralized and I went to the police and this site as a solution only to have it come back at my unfairly. Please help me! I’m going to the police again this week but please remove the false report under :Anita ******. The report was a way to further harass the real person that is the victim. Thank you so much . I truly appreciate your help .

Hello Anita,
Apologies for the inconveniences this report might have caused you. We hope that citizens of the world can be more ethical and honest when reporting on this website. We have deleted the report in question from our website. We wish you all the best. Kind Regards, Team

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