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One of my good friends told me that her fiancés boss is very racist. He makes him be racist while at work. He is white and my friend is black. She went their one day to get her fiancé and the boss pulled a gun on her and told her to leave. The boss also blacks out his schedule so that he has to work all of the time and has no time to spend with her. They were supposed get married this April, but the boss made sure he had to work. He really needs this job to pay off bills. Theit is no one above the boss and no HR department to talk to. It is this boss guys company. I just want to low it there is anyway to help them? The fiancé hates being at work and hearing the boss talk like he does about black people. It has become very hard on him.

Russian Nazi group Hello. I am Belarusian. Please, see that offensive anti-Belarusian and anti-Ukrainian group.

I have been reported on here by a long time as African American female friend of at least 7 years as a racist over political banter which may have been inappropriate from both parties! This appears to be retaliation for political disagreement ! As we all know the charged political environment! I have documentation of our friendship and other items that would refute blantant racism versus banter/rivalism! I am a public person in the healthcare profession and these remarks are defamatory and taken out of context ! She is a admitted friend

Please remove this posting immediately: This comment is defamatory and not true. I am the wife of the person named here. My brother who posted this was not witness to the date in question. Please remove this immediately as legal action will be taken.

How to report racial verbal attacks to police? Is there any law which prohibit verbal racial attacks in USA?

Due to my name, I believe that I have experienced discrimination during the past years in Charlotte, NC as I attempt to secure medical care as a senior citizen. I have been dismissed as a patient and advised that I could no longer seek medical care. These letters would occur only after I would report a matter that related to my well being and my medical care. I am in need of assistance. The North Carolina Medical Board has done absolutely nothing. Mariama Nadira Ali

Hi, My dad went to Clovis Marine locate at 2475 N Fordham Ave, Fresno, CA 93727 to purchase oil engine. once he took my dad information and realized my dad bought his engine from other place. He refuse to give back my dad personal information and start shouting racist thing toward my dad. How can my dad get his personal information back

I now that i am being tortured by communal terrorist that uses electromagnetic spectrum available in the city for their psychotronic or medical devices improved with satellites for sending thoughts and actually doing every thing that a psychiatrist can do with medications so do you have any suggestion or can help me in anyway i want to report it to my cities cyber crime branch but they dont have any category available so what would be that method or simple explanation for me to track down them anyway i am from india . waiting for the reply

why did Americans vote for Trump? How stupid are white Americans? why are Americans so ignorant of their racist past? It is just as brutal as anything in Nazi Germany

Your site has two reports of racism against me which are false and are acts of slander, racism towards me, character defamation and need to be taken down immediately before my attorney gets involved.

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