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Hello, I work in a call center in New Jersey, and was just contacted by a customer from New York, who was offended by one of my employer's advertisements. The customer claimed that one of the actors in the advertisement pronounced the word "gluten" with a glottal stop in place of the letter 't', a common linguistic phenomenon here in the tri-state area. She said we should teach our employees to speak proper English. I, being something of a linguistics enthusiast, responded to her with this information. Her response to my e-mail was to entirely dismiss my brief explanation, and that this linguistic phenomenon was actually a recent development, created by Ebonics, and that type of speaking should not be legitimized but rather left, "in the ghetto, where it belongs". Overall, I am aware that this issue is fairly inconsequential in the grander scheme of things. This is especially true in the current climate, where racist tirades are made at people of color in public on an alarmingly regular basis her in the U.S. My greatest concern for this, however, is that this woman works in a mental health evaluation facility in the New York area. I don't believe it is in the best interest of the public for this woman to use her position of authority, potentially delegitimizing a very vulnerable client base, because of their dialect. My question, essentially, is what am I able to do about this? Again, I realize that you've probably received a great deal of emails, significantly worse than this, but if you're able I would truly appreciate any advice and direction on this matter. Thank you!

HOW do we CONTACT someone from chimpmania they posted stuff about MY SON who JUST PASSED AWAY

On the list I found: Richard Wilbourn & Richard Wilbourn Both links does not work: may be you have saved pictures on your server archive. I need to check the name of Richard E.Wilbourn III of Ridgeland MS. Thank you in advance for your help. Best regards, Alexander

I'm reading a book called the Plains Apache by John Upton Terrell and it is stated on page 10, Apache are mongoloids as all Native American tribes. My question is this racist? I'm not sure. I'm of European descent and found it offensive toward the indigenous people of the Americas. Just a question?

Hi, how does one report a racist or racist comments?

How do I complain against racism on a business' website? thank you.

i'm white, i wanted to hang myself after reading your site, is there any way i can help instead?

I am a middle school teacher and had an incident recently in which one of my students impulsively posted the full name of another student on your site with disparaging and accusatory remarks. The parents of both students are involved as are the local police and all of the school administrators. The incident between these two 11 year old boys has been addressed along with their respective behavior, but the post on this site is a perpetual consequence and the source of musch distress for the family of this boy. I am asking kindly that a representative from your organization contact me with a recommended course of action for having the student's name removed as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, Sincerely, Dan Gerdes, Technology Instructor Montclair Public Schools 917-612-3386

Good Evening, My name is Detective Cook I work for the Montclair Police Department located in Montclair NJ. A student at one of our local middle Schools reported another student on your site (Jonah Scher). Can you please remove Jonah from your site ASAP. The Principal at the School both of these students attend, have brought the incident to my attention. We would like to resolve the matter by simply removing Jonah name from your site. Thanks in advance for you cooperation in this matter. If you have further questions I can be reached by the email below.

A student in one of our middle schools made a report about another student, giving his name and home town. The student indicates that he filled out the form but didn't believe he hit submit. It is not a true report. How do we have this report removed? Alice Velez Interim Director of Technology

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