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ok were do i start my nephew and his friend were walking when suddenly they were attack by a white male he pick up the minor by his neck off his bike and beat him while he was doing this his wife was saying bash the niggers head in and spit in the young boy face and calling him a nigger the boy has blood stains on his shirt my nephew got harassed and my son got beat up the police came and said they could not do nothing and they could not charge the adult man with nothing because the young black boys parents were not present the next day the boys father went to the police and they told the boys father who got choked by the neck and rip off his bike while calling him a stupid niger they could not do nothing we need help please

what is racism??

The shortest definition I use is: prejudice combined with social power to exert it on others. It is human and natural to have prejudice, but dangerous when men and women everywhere, heterosexuals everywhere, gentiles most places, natives in Europe. etc. have the power to oppress others with it.

What can I do my parents are Asian and they won’t let me date black guys

Hi, It depends on how old you are. We are sorry we are unable to advice you further unless you specify what your age is because our answers will depend on that due to legal issues.

What is the protocol for reporting a racist/anti-Semitic college professor?

The protocol for this would be to report your case to the Head of the Department or Head of your school program. However, we urge you to be careful in doing so as this may backfire especially if you do not have any evidence. We would therefore advice you to get some sort of video, audio or even a third party witness or evidence before doing so. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further question or let us know if the situation has improved. Thank you for reporting your story on

I work hard so my children have a good future i moved us to the suburbs and of coures the school makes up about 90% Caucasian my daughter is constantly picked on talked about and most recent called a nigger the school is acting as if nothing is wrong or cant be done,What can i do or who should i talk to to stop these hate acts against my daughter?

Hi, it’s a pity you and your family have to go through such harassment. We advice you to file a complaint at the Department of Education (Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice:) closest to you. They should be able to handle your query and should in case you are not happy with their response. Please email us your correspondence with them at and we will take it from there. Thank you for sharing this information with us and the world.

What exactly do white people say to each other when they see blacks? What are the things that while people say about black people they don’t know?how should people like this be treated?

This is a difficult questions that may have no objective answers. Even with an empirical result from one region cannot reflect/represent the wider world Caucasians group. Thank you for visiting

Hi, am a Nigerian from the eastern part. I got engage with a girl from Mgbomiri in Imo State also eastern part of Nigeria 26th September 2011 and we so love each other! We both are christians together with our families.March 2012 we started process of our wedding,everything was fine and okay! At last I found a man I proudly called father since my father was late. I listen to my father-inlaw to be with great delight and he welcomed me into his family although he kept asking if am an (Osu). I remember, I asked him to explain what an Osu is and he told me that they are outcast and slaves. As much as I know my history, nobody has ever said that to me nor called me an osu. So I told him am not, asked me to ask my mum. Which I did and she told me much as she knows that we are not. Her family during her marriage went for enqury before my dad married her and nothing of such was heard.We commenced family introductions as igbo culture required and when it got to the time for enquiries my inlaw insisted on going for enqury and my family conscented!To my greatest surprise he said the union wouldn’t continue because he discovered we are outcast. I refuted that and on January 2013 he went back again and still insist that our wedding wouldn’t continue because am an outcast!Please we love each other so much and wouldn’t want this evil to separate us for any reason as it would be hard for both of us. Please we need help.Thanks

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be together with your fiancee. The Igbo outcast system is old outdated culture which was based on lack of information and awareness and is baseless. There is no such thing as an outcast in real life. We are all one. Please do not let them deprive you of your marriage or love one. We advice you to go on with your marriage even if it has to come without the blessings of your respective families. Most important thing is the love you have for each other and wants to be together and God will bless your marriage. Sending you love and strength from here and keep the fate. Good luck!!!

As a victim of psychotronic attack for the past 8 months I would like to know if there is any help or support available in the UK?Thanks in advance.

Hi, thank you for posting on It is sad to read what you have gone through.
Please watch this youtube video:

There are also many online resources available for victims of psychotronic as well as in the UK.
Please see some link below:


how do I edit a report that I have submitted?

I am sorry it is not possible to edit your report. If you have made a mistake in earlier report, just report the same story a second time with the corrected version and the admins will recognize this and remove the version with error. Thank you for visiting

How is racism, sexism, homophobia etc defined?

The shortest definition I use is: prejudice combined with social power to exert it on others. It is human and natural to have prejudice, but dangerous when whites in the USA, men everywhere, heterosexuals everywhere, gentiles most places, natives in Europe. etc. have the power to oppress others with it.

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