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I was called a JEW BASTARD repeatedly because both my first and last name are common, traditional Hebrew names. I am going to the precinct to file a police report but I want to know if there is anything more I can do… I would like to expose this person, without being accused of slander. Any recommendations?

I have a boss who is also a judge and the head of Directorate of European Affairs within Superior Council of Magistracy in Romania. She repeatedly stated that "she would tie up the fallopian tubes of gypsies so they would not be able to have children anymore" What can be done to report and sanction this conduct?

I published a report recently. I would like to make changes to my report. Can someone help me with that? Do you have a telephone number so that I can reach you? Dai

Hello, I am a figure skater at Az ice in gilbert Arizona and my coach needs help. She was a ranked coach in Spain and now she coaches here. she is a very hard worker and just all around very a great coach, she knows the skills and how to teach them, so there\'s no reason for the rink manager and the staking director to be doing this to her other than the color of her skin. the skating director treats her and her skaters differently. He\'s always watching her and her students for no reason. when the parents complained to her about their children being treated this way she went to him with her concerns and when he never responded, she went to the rink manager who then called her \"Difficult, rude and sarcastic.\" now I know that this might not seem like much, but the old staking director JJ was an African American and this man Mark pushed him out from being a director by taking the rink manger and owners out to dinner and things of the like. once he had JJ\'s position he fired JJ. My coach is the only person of color at the rink now and he\'s trying to push her out too. Once my coach reported the concerns to the manager, Mark took her coaching information off the website, took her off of coaching the learn to skate classes, and really just keeps harassing her. this isn\'t right and someone who has ever said \"he\'s so dark the only thing you could see at night is his teeth.\" in reference to JJ, or \"you know how Asians are.\" about one of my coaches students or for the holiday show only giving my coach music like \"Joy To The World by Whitney Houston from The Preacher\'s Wife and ease on down the road from the Wiz.\" shouldn\'t be in his position and shouldn\'t be able to push my coach out. I am not biased here I\'ve had other coaches and she really is one of the best at the rink. she\'s done all that she can do but now the skaters and parents of the skaters are going to have a meeting with the management, but if that doesn\'t work what\'s the next step? I want to be prepared, if my coach has to move rinks I\'ll move with her but I don\'t want her to have to move because I know a lot of students just won\'t be able to move to a different rink. This is her passion and she\'s amazing at it, what can we do to stop them from taking this away from my coach? I\'m sorry this was so long, or a waste of your time but I have to try. Thank you for your time. ~Bethani Collins

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There is an organization in our town that I believe is discriminating due to race/color. Is there a way I can report them anonymously?

I was bought to the attention of the following filing on your website: Contrary to her inaccurate and out of date linked profile, Rebecca was not working at SMILE when the comment was posted. She no longer works at SMILE either. I have reached out to Rebecca to further resolve this issue. I am not asking for the post to be removed, but that it be updated to because her comments categorically do not reflect that of SMILE and that she was not working at SMILE at the time the comment was made. Is it possible to remove the reference to SMILE under these circumstances?

Hello, I work in a call center in New Jersey, and was just contacted by a customer from New York, who was offended by one of my employer's advertisements. The customer claimed that one of the actors in the advertisement pronounced the word "gluten" with a glottal stop in place of the letter 't', a common linguistic phenomenon here in the tri-state area. She said we should teach our employees to speak proper English. I, being something of a linguistics enthusiast, responded to her with this information. Her response to my e-mail was to entirely dismiss my brief explanation, and that this linguistic phenomenon was actually a recent development, created by Ebonics, and that type of speaking should not be legitimized but rather left, "in the ghetto, where it belongs". Overall, I am aware that this issue is fairly inconsequential in the grander scheme of things. This is especially true in the current climate, where racist tirades are made at people of color in public on an alarmingly regular basis her in the U.S. My greatest concern for this, however, is that this woman works in a mental health evaluation facility in the New York area. I don't believe it is in the best interest of the public for this woman to use her position of authority, potentially delegitimizing a very vulnerable client base, because of their dialect. My question, essentially, is what am I able to do about this? Again, I realize that you've probably received a great deal of emails, significantly worse than this, but if you're able I would truly appreciate any advice and direction on this matter. Thank you!

HOW do we CONTACT someone from chimpmania they posted stuff about MY SON who JUST PASSED AWAY

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