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Wolf Community

What is a Wolf Community? Its a community that preys on a group of people. I have resided in the city of Mankato Minnesota for the past 3 years, and have seen first hand what a Wolf Community can do, and is capable off. In Mankato’s case, the prey are typically students, as well as other people that are ruled undesirable. Its motivated by money, and therefore revolves around trying to get as much money from the students as possible.
One way to get money is too hike prices up near campus, since most students don’t have transportation. If you go to the local store nearby, you might spend $50.00, as oppose to going to the same store ½ a mile away; might cost $20.00. Big difference. Another way the community saves money is by bulk buying products that will expire in a year or two. So they bulk buy it pretty cheap, then sell it at a higher price! So check expiration dates. Another way is to increase the amounts of credits needed for a degree, most of the time its additional classes that don’t have any bearing on the degree.
The good thing about the Wolf Community is that it doesn’t discriminate against money. It will accept students from well-to-do families and poor students who qualify for large amounts of money from Uncle Sam. The thing is, if your paying for something, a service; you don\\\'t deserve to be treated like dirt. There’s students from different ethnicities and cultures, and instead of having an understanding Community, you get a hostel one. Even Caucasian people from different places will get mistreated in Mankato.


The Wolf Community has a very effective way of protecting itself. Inception! Yes, like the Leonardo DiCaprio movie, Inception. In this part I will try and explain to the best of my ability my observation and technique the Wolf Community in Mankato uses. In the movie Inception, a connection into another persons mind is made via a device. Once inside the mind, they will try and plant an idea into the person, so the idea would be his or her own.
Of-coarse, there is no such device that I no off. But there are other brainwash techniques. The easiest and main method used, is to keep a person from sleeping. A person suffering from lack of sleep is more susceptible to paranoia and hallucinations. So, the way to keep you from sleeping is too mess up your sleep cycle 2 hours into your sleep. They will make a loud bang or start talking nearby. Another way is find you around town and spray a stimulant on you like speed or meth. Even a small amount will keep you from sleeping. They will put a couple of audio devices around your dueling, and while you sleep, they will be talking; brainwashing you while you sleep for an hour or two.
Just as an example: They will find you in a public place around town, and have a couple of people say, “Thats the guy with the naked picture all over Facebook.” When your leaving your home, they will have a kid point and yell at you,” I saw that guy naked on Facebook”. A couple of more incidents like this and the lack of sleep; and now you have the idea in your head that there are naked pictures of you on Facebook. Now you have an instance of Inception. They might start going around town telling everyone you are gay and have a small penis. The truth is, here in Mankato, if they say they have a naked picture of you, they do. The Community here has a large collection of naked picture of people that visited the town. Most don’t no of them.
Your coming to Mankato to get an education and have a good time. Instead some of these techniques will get you to fail your classes or drop out of collage all together. Here, they will mess you up for life. Why the people care how many squares of toilet paper you use is beyond me. Something to think about is that sometimes you can learn more and be more successful attending a community collage.
They also sub-contract to peoples groups. For example: they will get a group of Hispanics to target a Hispanic(Somali with Somali, Asian with Asian, Caucasian with Caucasian). It wouldn’t look good if, say a group of Hispanics were targeting a Caucasian girl. So the community here Sub-Contracts, so they can pretend not to no anything.
I’m not a writer, so I’m merely writing this for someone else who does write and collect facts. Its more of a warning for students and people, for things to keep an eye out for. Theres more examples of how people make money off the students and how they harass them. I just don’t have the writing skills to write about it. People here also might spray a sedative to calm people who they view as being to aggressive. They might spray steroid to make people more active. They might do both to mess with you. The thing is some of these chemicals are only suppose to be used on farm animals, and can be harmful to humans on the long run. While it might be funny to spray people with chemicals used to chemically neuter animals, a person might get cancer from it in the future. In Mankato, outsiders(students) and visitor are guinea pigs.

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  1. John J Doe says:

    The Mankato bar screen draws people from all over Minnesota. Some people come here to get plastered and puke on the bar tables, others come for Romance, and some just come to get laid. Most people only end up puking on the tables! Here’s why.

    The people here put some chemicals in the beer and liquor to prevent men from getting a full erection. For instance they might get a “Whiskey Dick”; a dick that doesn’t get fully hard. You might end up with a “Brisk Dick”; a dick that will get hard then soft. The effects only last for a couple of day, but I think getting laid and Romance is out of the question.

    Now, this sounds crazy! You have the whole bar scene, basically the whole town involved in this. So the question is why? To protect the towns reputation! Mankato doesn’t want to be known as a “Rape Town”. Some of the collage guys come from well-to-do families, and its a way to prevent them from getting penetration, and having a rape charge on they’re record. It would look bad if young men come for collage and leave with a rape charge.

    They claim it helps the collage girls prevent unwanted pregnancies, and young men from pay child support. Unplanned pregnancy might prevent collage students from finishing collage. Abortion isn’t an option for religious students, and having an abortion might be worse phycologically on a person than having the baby. The 9 month count down until a young mans life changes. Students having to pay child support will usually drop out of collage, and take a lesser paying jobs.

    They are trying to lower the STD rates from unprotected sex. You have a couple of drinks at a bar,and the next day you have something for life. STD’s is a hard topic for the people of Mankato, but a soft one for the guys that drink here. If you can’t get hard, you can’t get an STD. At least you have the next day to contemplate about the one that got away.

    Its not all bad. The town’s people are trying to protect the people that come here for a good time. If anything you have some embarrassing intimate moments with your girlfriend, and your girlfriend might think she’s not attractive. But your saved from a life changing event!

    Mankato might be the start of the future of socialism. Where a society exercises some social reform in order to protect the people. They are trying to change people as oppose leaving things to fate. You could say they are playing God, but its more of they are going against God’s will. So say you were suppose to conceive a child, but instead you got a “Whiskey Dick”, that would mean the people here are going against God’s will. The flip side to fate is, you might have been meant to get an STD. I would say, sometimes you have to let the chips fall where they may. Your suppose to have a choice, even if its
    a bad one, and live with the consequences.

    I will add this. Sometimes what is meant as a good thing, can end up as a bad one. For instance if the town’s people started putting chemicals on the food at the restaurants and grocery stores. The whole town could target individual ruled undesirable, and probably already has. Good turned Evil.

  2. Chema says:

    Here’s one thing they do. They will get a 1 liter water container, maybe less. Get a balloon and stick it threw the top, and hold the tip. They will then take a hit of Meth from a pipe and blow the air into the balloon. They have a thin plastic tube that is covered at one end. They then tie off the tip of the balloon with the other end of the thin tube. So now they have pressurized Meth in a portable container. They will go to your window and push it forward in the middle. They stick the tube in and sort of, raid bomb your room.
    You start tripping out and dont even now why or what’s happening. You cant sleep. Then they will pressurize heroin to put you to sleep. Then your laughing by yourself in your car cause your having withdrawal symptoms. But it could be anything in the bottle, might be pesticide, pepper spray, horse tranqyalizer, ect….. And they will send kids to disperse the bottle…. Cause theyre cowards.
    Since its like a Raid Bomb. They might do it when you sleep, but also when you go to class or work. It might smell like soap or cotton candy or you just get a numing sensation on your tongue when you breath.
    Oh! They tipcally do the bottle during the day… At night they bring out the Fogger! Info for another day.

  3. Chema says:

    The Speaker

    Besides getting you to pass out, the people of Mankato use speakers to make people go crazy or brainwash them. Sounds crazy, but here’s how.
    They hold the keys to everyone’s residence, so when you leave they can just walk in your house. They claim it is to keep the community safe.
    When you go to work they will go into your home and spray chemicals on the food inside your frig to make you sick and fart a lot….but uh, another topic…Speakers!
    They will place two-way speakers hidden in and around your home. You will start to hear echoes and voice. They will bomb your house with a vaporized sleep aid and keep talking to the speaker none stop. So when your awake you still hear voice. Included with the vaporized sleep aid will be a pinche of LSD to make you hallucinate. You wake up, but feel like your in a dream. On top of that the locals will also harras you at any public place. They will walk past your home and talk real loud and say something like, “Theyre going to kill him unless he leaves to night” or “Someone is going to throw acid on him tonight at work.” Whatever is said threw the speaker is reinforced by a sort of Act. The people here are so good at harrasing they are borderline actors, so yes, an Act. If you look closely they will be reading the script from theyre cell phone. So whatever they speak into the speaker when your passed out, they will get one of theyre “D” actors to repeat in public. So they have a reinforcement technique.
    You start to think your crazy and end up going to the mental doctor. They do this to discredit any thing you say or write. This is just one of things they do when people aren’t paying attention…. and when they are. The people here are pure evil.

  4. Jamous says:

    Community Stalking. There’s plain old regular individual stalking, group stalking, gang stalking, then there’s Mankato… Community Stalking. Where the entire town will participate in harassing and stalking a target individual.
    So how does it work? Chemicals… Poisens…. Drugs…. Ring a bell? For the sake of not repeating myself lets move on to something else. Something I touched on a little but more than likely didn’t explain it right.
    “First things first. Where your crapper!”, Fat Bastered in Austin Powers movie. Jokes aside. Community stalking starts with the keys to your home, continual 24/7 surrveillace, and little to know privacy.
    Lets touch on how this is all possible because it takes a bit of a set-up or con if you will. So you buy a trailer in the area, your handed the keys. You dont no who has the keys or how many duplicates there are. But more than likely the community has access to your trailer. So if one of the city leaders wanted to see what your are reading at night one of the Maintness guys from the park has the keys to your trailer.
    So when you go to work or school they can go check see what your doing. Your sort of vetted to see if you can be part of the community or if your going to be a target individual that they harrass, stalk, and kick out if town.
    But say your paranoid so you go to the local Home Restore and buy some locks. You change out the locks and develop a false sense of security. See, the people at the Home Restore made duplicates of the keys…. The moment you bought theses locks the whole town new what locks went on your door. Say you left or got kicked out of town… They put those locks back at the Home Restore shelf. So some where between 1 and 10 people have a key to your trailer.
    Now its not just the Home Restore, its Home Depot, its Menards, its Walmart, things are placed on the shelves the community knows not to touch. Theyre waiting for an outsider to buy one of those locks….. And its like catching a big fish to the community. It turns into a communications frenzy… who’s going in the home, who’s vetting this person, ect… So thats how it starts.
    But! If your renting out an apartment any where in town. The Maintness guys have a master key to get into your residence. The local people leave they’re front doors unlocked not cause its safe, but because every so often they get revetted…… But this is a whole other subject… Revetted.
    This whole subjected is so vast it sounds crazy. Let me mention a few. Like an NCIC background that is previ only to law enforcement, everyone in the community knows what’s on it including elementary kids. There’s nothing on mine yet, but the longer I stay here the more of a chance that can change. Point is people that aren’t suppose to have access to government information has it. The truth is its illegal what they do here.
    If you buy a car the community…. Has the spare! So they can go in and install a GPS, that is, if they hadn’t pre installed it. They can install cameras in your home and car to follow you around town. Once someone has a key to your home the can mess with you in countless ways. But imagine if a whole community had the key! You would have different sub groups from the community harassing you….hell the groups would fight among themselves on how to harrass you.
    Sounds crazy…. paranoid… Just remember your dealing with The Children of the Corn during the day, From Dusk Til Dawn at night. This town makes cults look heavenly.

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