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Why is that racist Behr paint commercial still on the air? Still playing day in and day out? And what uneducated board of directors approved that commercial? You have a song playing in the background that clearly makes fun of Asian languages, and it cuts to a pregnant Asian woman, and then an Asian baby. Coincidence? This is 2015 people. Grow up!

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  1. Josh says:

    The song isn’t actually racist. I thought so too until I did some research and found the original song on YouTube. That’s actually the words translated to Chinese. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=q2Ej0c0YOQ0

    • Todd G. says:

      I don’t think “for sure, ding dang” isnt anything in Chinese…

      • Sheila says:

        When are people going to start doing their research before they start screaming that they’re offended? If the original poster, who is apparently Asian but not necessarily Chinese, had done any research at all, they would have discovered that the actual words are:
        Color is a beautiful thing
        I know, I know
        Color is a beautiful thing
        I know, oh yes, I know
        Color is the I (pronounced E) Ching Ching
        For sure, ding-dang
        Color is a beautiful thing, I know.
        The I Ching is actually the name of the Chinese ‘Book of Changes’ and they aren’t actually making fun of anyone at all. It is, in fact, an old and revered Chinese text. Maybe before you go around demanding that this entire country remove any and all references to any and every thing that might possibly offend you, you could exercise your own First Amendment rights and IGNORE IT. If I wanted to pitch a fit about things that offend me, you and your ignorance, as well as this website, would be at the top of my list. Lucky for you, I believe that EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion, even if they don’t agree with me! GASP!

        • Juan says:

          Thank you for the clarification. I’m so sick of people constantly complaining about racism. Before you know it they’ll be screaming that snow is too white, and racist. Thank Obama for this mindset.

  2. We have tried to identify the exact Racist Behr Paint Commercial you are referring to but cannot find it. Could you please send us the particular youtube link of the add for us to evaluate. Thanks for reporting the case.

  3. David Griffin says:

    Its the commercial thats on all the time from home depot.

    It plays a song about color, and then the singer changes to a very racist voice people who make fun of Chinese people whilst pulling at the corners of their eyes make, and he sings : “color is the I ching, i know ding dang”

    Ding dang isn’t even a Chinese word, and its just said to make fun of Chinese.. And the I Ching is a sacred Chinese Text..

    This song is something right out of the 50s or 60s when white American people would dress up as Chinese and make stupid sounds trying to insult Chinese people on tv..

    Its a statement to white American rscists and bigots who dislike Chinese people and China’s rise to power.. Its pathetic Racist whimpering.

    Home Depot is just as much to blame as Behr for supporting Behr Products

  4. Anonymous says:

    This commercial is so racist! I actually felt the need to Google “racist behr commercial!” Well I was never a customer of theirs but now I won’t even feel bad telling people to not use them. “Ching chong ding dang?” Seriously? Their marketing department seriously fucked up.

  5. Concerned Citizen of the World says:

    I thought I was the only person because this commercial is still playing. I am an offended African American female. Here is the YouTube link. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ow4OfW4DP9s

  6. Annie says:

    Yeah I thought so too I had to google it. Find it coincidence they put the Asian woman’s pic right after the guy said Ching Ching Ching

  7. Lighten up says:

    I thought this commercial was hilarious. Looks like they will have to “Behr” the consequences of their actions. Although it’s probably part of a more subtle programming for a recent severed business tie between the company and some Asian nation. Either way, people should stop being so offended, a bunch of socially-engineered wussies. I get made fun of all the time by the tv and a laugh about it, because that’s life. You can either enjoy it until it’s over, or you can curse and condemn everything until you’re gone. It’s still going to end either way, so enjoy it, because escalating bitterness will encourage people to do bad things, “Hitlerian” things.

  8. Robin says:

    I loved the you tube video of Nina Simone (the composer) doing this song herself. She uses several languages in her song, and it’s hard to believe she was intending to be racist. I think this is a story that actually requires more research before condemning the song (or the commercial) as racist.

  9. number 5 says:

    Here’s the commercial-

    Didn’t seem racist to me. That’s how they usually sing in Honky-tonk/country bluegrass type music.

  10. Payitforward says:

    When I was a child 50 years ago, other kids who where not Asian made fun of me by pulling up their eyelids with their fingers and made sounds like “E Ching Ching, Ding-Dang, Ching Chong” and saying “Look I’m a Chinaman and talk like a Chinaman”. The sound did not sound like anything in chinese and I never understood what they were saying or meant, but It was hurtful then and its still hurtful now. A few years ago, I was sitting in my car waiting on a residential street for a friends to come out from their house. And there where three teenagers, two was black and the other was white and they bounced a basket ball at my car, I thought it was accidental and all I did was gasped loudly in surprised (I did not curse or use any profanities at all). All I said was “What the!” and a glanced towards the teenagers. They did not apologize or acknowledge any of their wrong doing. I then went back to my own thoughts while waiting for my friends and not pay anymore attention to the teenagers. A few minutes later, I started hearing one of the taller teenager making sounds in my directions, something like “E Ching Ching, Ding-Dang, Ching Chong”. And I saw the teenagers looking at me while making those hurtful sounds. Nothing has change over the years. The old phrase “Sticks and stones will break my bones, But words will never harm me.” is not true. Who ever said that phrase and taught others to believe in it never felt what I felt. Maya Angelou, a U.S. novelist and poet, once said “I have learned people will forget what you said. People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel.”. Time don’t heal all wounds. It just eats them alive from inside out. The whole world needs to remember the fundamentals of communication; Good Manners, Good Etiquette, Good Listening Skills, Patience and Respect All. The fundamentals of good communication should always be practiced when in person, on the telephone, or in writing. Thank you all for your time.

    • Cliffystones says:

      I got jumped and beaten up on several occasions because the kids found out I was adopted. Too bad I’m a white male, as I’m told iconstantly by the MSM it’s payback for “white privilege”

  11. Anonymous2 says:

    As an African-American, I’m offended. Why do they have to show an Asian woman & baby at that point of the song? I can’t believe the commercial is still airing. No Behr paint for me.

    • Puddin T says:

      All of whom aren’t part of the “master race” (Hitler’s term, not mine) have done more in the past eight years, and continue to do so everyday, to bring “racism” to the forefront since the 1960’s. In case you are unaware, Judaism is a race. Yet you don’t hear the Jewish folks always running around screaming racism generations after WWII Nazi Germany…

      By the way, don’t use Behr paint. Pay the same amount of money buying an inferior paint & enjoy painting your walls at least three coats to cover.

  12. Frank says:

    behr has come with one more racest commercial. It shows an African American grandfather with his grandson getting off a boat in a very small island with a cabine in the middle of the island. The is nothing about paint in the commercial, except the the fact that they are black. To seal the deal, the commercial end with this comment #true to Hue which means stay true to your color, or stay with your kind.

    • Puddin T says:

      If this commercial were truly racist or stereo-typing, it would have shown a grandmother with the grandson since more often than there is no role identifying male in the household.

  13. Becca says:

    Wow. Seems to me like y’all are looking for things to get butt hurt over. Calm down. It’s a freakin paint commercial. Nothing more, nothing less.

  14. Mark says:

    Man I wish I had the time and uselessness to be offended by a stinking paint commercial.

    Are you guys angry that snow is white? That night is black?

  15. anon says:

    Absolutely racist. Cannot believe it is still airing. How do we stop this?

  16. Cori says:

    Hi. I want to preface by saying that I am offended to my core by bigotry and also by people who deny it. SO! I read all the posts here. I was a Jewish kid and can empathize with a lot of the experiences. We, too, have “triggers” as psychologists call them. Just the SOUND of German spoken…

    I listened to the original song by the jazz singer Nina Simone. It’s on Y.T. not hard to find. I hope this link works:

    She sings the verse and chorus in English, then French, then English again, then I think German or a Scandinavian language. In all languages, the chorus is puncuated by the same “ching chang,” then the words “for sure” in the language in which she sand that verse, then “ding dang.” She doesn’t sing “I Ching” at all.

    She’s doing a kind of scat singing. She chose some sounds, maybe to represent bells, such as at the end of “Frére Jacques” — “ding dang dong.” Maybe the sounds are nonrepresenational.

    In music there are ‘mondegreens’:
    The most famous being ” ‘scuse me while I kiss this guy” Our brains try to fill in gaps. Happens a lot with gibberish or scat, and also when hearing a phrase abruptly in a different language. An example that was NOT: “Michelle, my bell, someday [indiscernable]’ll play piano song.” Um, no!

    I can totally understand the reactions above. I don’t mean to discount your opinions or your feelings. Here comes the big

    BUT with a little due diligence, perhaps even an inquiry to Ms. Simone herself with your observations, this may be solved.


  17. Gil says:

    African-American posters to these COMMENTS: were you AWARE at all that the singer in this commercial is the iconic MS. NINA SIMONE? What “CORI” has written is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. MS. SIMONE is using a skillful jazz-vocalizing device used in one of her lesser-known songs – “PAINT” and images of ASIAN-AMERICANS that could be interpreted as “STEREOTYPES” were never in the origins of this song. I think some of the writers here believe this is a NEW SONG created for the commercial and still others believe it is from the era of “black-face” and caricatures of ASIANS in cartoons. As for the #true to HUE tag-line post complaining of the one featuring the OLDER MAN and a CHILD but no mention of “PAINT” is it not obvious that the WHOLE REASON the thing EXISTS is it is trying to get you to buy PAINT, not a product that you should buy bbecause BLACK PEOPLE are using it. These commercials brighten my day, and I can’t pass up the opportunity to hear NINA under every possible circumstance. The ad celebrates the varied COLORS of PAINT and of PEOPLE!
    By the way, I am AFRICAN-AMERICAN and “my color is a beautiful thing, you know, you know?”

  18. Berte says:

    There are so many things serious and terrible going on in this world to be offended by a commercial. People you have to much time on your hands. Get out there and join causes like fight hunger, poverty etc.

  19. Sarah says:

    Excuse me, person who has labeled themselves as a “victim”. This commercial is far, far from racist, you wanna know why? The song playing in the commercial states that “color is a beautiful thing”. What color is your skin? Is it the “no color” color? Do you not have a color? Incorrect, my friend. Everyone has color. They are born with their own unique color, and over the years they create their own color to everything the are. Did you really thing that there is anyone or anything on that planet that doesn’t have color? This commercial applies to the beauty in everyone, everything. Honestly, everyone in our present-day society can’t scrape their knees without playing the victim card. No one is victimizing you. No one is out to get you through a paint commercial. The only reason why you would feel victimized by this commercial, is if you truly believed in your heart, that you race, color, religion, ect, is lower than anyone else’s. In that case, you are a victim, a victim of yourself. I do not feel sorry for you, because I know that I am no more, but definitely no less to anyone on this thread or on this planet. My wishes for you is that you will one day understand how the world works and the true meaning of “color”. Best of luck to you, my friend.

  20. Al Salazar says:

    I got a good laught out of reading all the idiots claimingracism here. Thanks for the entertainment. I recommend this song instead. It is bound not to upset your delicate sensibilities as much.
    or maybe this one
    or best yet, this one

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