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Mankato\'s Hispanic Community is made of largely illegal aliens working in the factories. They work in the local factories under someone else\'s identification. Since its easier to get false papers in Minnesota, they just go to the local DMV and put they\'re picture on a driver license. The Hispanics here are also the one\'s that are bring in chemicals and pharmaceutical from Mexico to harm people. Off-coarse there\'s just plain old illegal drugs, I\'m not talking about those. I\'m talking about prescription type of pharmaceutical.
As I\'ve written of before most of these Chemicals cause cancer, give you an enlarged heart, shrink your prostate, some give you an obortion, make you hear voices, give you low testostorone, ect… But these are chemicals and drugs that a normal person couldn\'t get over-the-counter or illegally. If you need something like that, you come to these guys.
Here\'s the thing with these guys; the vast majority work in the food industry, and most wont eat they\'re own food. You have a society here that wont eat the food they make. They\'re in the factories making cheese and other snacks, in the restraunt, at the drive-thru, ect… Yet they tell they\'re own people not to eat the food here. They tell each other not to eat food from the local food shelter Echo. The reason for this is that they don\'t want people to stay here.
So if you come here as a student or outsider, your sorta of in a 2 to 4 year meal plan. They posien the food a little that it will only start to bother you or kill you after 2 to 4 years. The more you come here, the more of a chance you have of getting sick or going to the hospital. Most of these guys never finished elementrary because in Mexico and other South American countries you have to pay to go to school; so, they dont no what the long term effects of most of these drugs and chemicals are.
Most of these guys have criminal records in they\'re country. Rape, murder, child molestation, they beat up they\'re grandma\'s, ect… but no one no\'s, because no one no\'s them in Minnesota. That, and they\'re using a United States citizen\'s documentation. They\'re in a factory making food for the rest of the U.S., more than likely, putting some thing extra in all the food thats shipped to the rest of the U.S. They\'re killing people in other States! Thats why they don\'t eat the food they make.
It\'s not just Mankato, it\'s the entire surrounding area. Cities like Madelia; they make canned chicken in Towny Downs. But if you look at who works there, you\'ll find that its made of largely criminals hiding from the law.

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  1. R.J. Boar says:

    Burriot and Wings at 302 Stadium Rd in Mankato Minnesota. If you see a yellow car parked behind the building, don’t eat there. That means the people poisoning people and students are working there. Hell, just don’t eat there in general, its owned by the people that bring in chemicals from Mexico. They no who’s, who, around town, they carry a small vial in they’re pocket, and if your an undesirable student or person around town they will spike your food.

    • Ryan Cumslut says:

      Just to add on. I accidently posted my other post.
      I live in Shakopee Minnesota and my friend did say they throw stuff on the food and homes to get rid of people. He said it’s a 1950s defeated community, si the people in charge will get people from they’re race toharras people. Thought that was racist.

  2. Chema says:

    This is one of the towns techniques,they give people vaporized Imodium when they sleep, so they can’t poop. Then they introduced vaporized acid/chemical. Since you cant poop the acid slowly erodes some of your intestines. Then when you make strength to poop or fart you end up tearing an intestine inside. Then they try to get the person to leave the town. There is a 60% chance of a person dyeing from the infection. Funny thing is whole town knows whats going on, but no one will call the cops. Its suppose to be Minnesota Nice, here its Minnesota Freight.

    • Chema says:

      They throwing something to put people to sleep, then something to make the heart race while they are passed out. That why people are here are exhausted the whole day….the heart was racing the whole night. So it could be chloriform and speed or cocaine. Just thought I would put my 2 cents in.

    • Langli says:

      Throwing chemicals to mess your stomach up… people that prepare the food around town. And once again, here’s the thing, these guys know what they are doing. So how many people haven’t they killed with their chemicals…. you no, when no one was paying attention. They’ll put something extra every once in a while…. If you know what I mean. So they’ve master a way to administer a substance via air without anyone knowing. Vaporization.
      They also carry Mini-Sprayers the towns people use to spray the food they all know not to eat. For instance they will spray some of the vegetables at Walmart. Look at peoples hands every once in a while around town. You’ll see a small tube like object in their hand they use to walk around the grocery store and spray different types of chemicals.
      Say there’s someone ahead of you in line at the store or while your walking to class. With the Mini-Sprayer/Canister, they could just spray into the air as your walking by. And when you inhale air …. You’ve take your Medicine, so to speak. Evil people that reside in Mankato. They’ll give you cancer before you leave town so you can dye some place else.

      • Langli says:

        how can someone go to the store or mall if they’re farting a lot. Its a way to keep people home. So say there’s a concert and this group of people dont want you to attend, they will go throw vaporized chemicals to make you fart a lot or mess your stomach up. In my case they want me to lose my job so they throw chemicals at me in the early morning. And they dont want me shopping in the weekends, because thats when people from the smaller towns come to Mankato….. And get their Medicine too.

        My point is, the towns people target people and other groups and get them sick, give them a long term illness or kill them. And typically its a minority or person without any affiliations in Mankato.

  3. Ryan Cumslut says:

    They say it’s just vaporized water and soap. They use it to get people out of they’re homes. But I can’t imagine breathing that stuff for over a year. It’s poisonous if you drink it, so I would say it’s poisonous if you breath it. Especially during the winter when people are indoors 24/7, they’ll be breathing toxic soap all day. There’s no studies on breathing soap all day, may be they people of Mankato might no the effects of prolonged soap breathing. Might cleanse your intestines! LOL.

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