Illegal wireless connection of my body and brain to Scientology Canadian psychotronic torture, rape, slow-kill Nazi Auschwitz 49 murder extermination machine – Harper, Conservatives

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Nature of Incident

Assault with a weapon

March 9, 2013

If anyone is being assaulted with wireless current, wireless electricity, is getting wireless death threats, extortion, coercion messages, is being wirelessly stalked and criminally harassed, is getting BlackOps torture attacks, [even when people drive] it is Cecil Dam (truck driver), Sybrich Dam (store clerk), [two stupid people] (Holenderski-Dutch), 7065 Parklawn Crescent, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada; Telephone 905 374 8761; 905 682 5221; Maria Ruff, Dennis Smith, A T & T – Rogers Wholesale Telecom; University Avenue., Toronto, Ontario Canada; Scientology[Harper]/Mormons [Romney] Nazi Party Death Squads.

We need your help to expel this organization out of our communities, to cut off their access to illegal military technologies; without illegal technologies, this organization will fall apart. I know what these people are capable of doing, and how they do it. I live amongst them, I worked amongst them.

These people cost you money. Cities were forced to hire additional security to protect community members and tourists. Those costs are passed on to you through taxes.

Some of them are hiding in Dutch Christian Reformed “Church”, on Jepson Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada, which in reality is Nazi Party Niagara region Head Quarters.

Involved in these criminal actions are those I mention above, also Gary (part-time employee at Canadian Tire, McLoad Road; and Patricia Ward (library clerk); John and Agnes Ancio (Paisley Avenue); Dr. Ado (Morrison community private health clinic owned by India’s doctors) and all with whom these people associate.

Kick Scientology/Mormons (LDS) Nazi Party out of Europe; where they go is their problem. They can go back to their planet Kolob (which does not exist), or back into the volcano from which they say they came. Then deny them access into any other country.

Norway put them into bankruptcy; the whole world is after them; it is a Nazi Party, which developed psychotronics, a technological Nazi extermination machine to which they wirelessly attached people and a party which practices Satanism. They have attacked us all, have stolen from us all and have broken every law in the world.

They are outside of Warsaw, Poland in the suburbs, in Nadarcyn. They even gave Poland a country code of 48, which is a reference to Auschwitz concentration camps.

Last year I have sent out 200,000 of these emails, and $40,000 worth of faxes- asking others to do the same [all the while I was being viciously, wirelessly assaulted]; Bell Canada Telecom gave me a huge discount, it cost me $1,000 for the faxes. And I emailed in public, right in front of them on their own Cogeco-Rogers computer network. If I can do it, so can anyone.

Vote and associate with those who are most likely to save yours, your families’ and your children’s lives.

We are not going back to slavery, we are moving forward.

We also need help with monitoring physically and wirelessly the south border of United States to prevent people from illegally entering US. This Nazi regime made living conditions in Mexico so difficult for people that it is impossible for them to live there: however, the solution is to help make Mexico prosperous.

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Prevajanje cyfieithu

We need your help. Please forward this information to others; people need this information so that they can protect themselves and their families, and so that they know for whom they are voting.


February 17, 2013

I am still waiting to be disconnected from Brian Mulroney’s (Canada’s former prime minister) – Stephen Harper’s (Canada’s present prime minister) Conservative Party joint venture, psychotronic torture, rape, slow-kill murder machine. Their Nazi Death Squad put me in an electromagnetic wireless Auschwitz 49 concentration camp psychotronic wireless electromagnetic cage, are torturing me day and night with wireless current, wireless electricity and are using other wireless technologies in numerous other premeditated, planned and programmed wireless assaults on my body and my life. And who knows how many electronic microchips Scientology Nazi doctors put into my body without my knowledge or consent during surgeries and dental work.

It has been proven that electromagnetic fields cause cancers in a human body. People who live near hydro towers and cell towers get more cancers than the rest of the population.

Because of their decision to attach us to an extermination machine, I have a truck driver and a store clerk wirelessly accessing my brain and inside my organs. And who knows to whom they gave wireless access to my body. They have been selling my bar code number. Dams have also been going through my garbage looking for something with my DNA on it to sell also. And now, Scientology/Mormons Nazi Party is also storing computer data within minute portions of human DNA.

This is human trafficking and money laundering, both illegal.
Austrian message about Falls infection from Dr. Josef Puhringer, Governor of Upper Austria

The consequences of this are irreversible. We are all affected by Canadian Conservatives’ decision.

This is inhumane, in violation of all known human rights, treaties and laws, and unconstitutionally used on me and the public sector. It is also endangering of our health and safety.

Since Stephen Harper promotes slavery, his Conservative Government assigned us bar code numbers, and put us all in electronic wireless cages to be tortured, perhaps we should send Stephen Harper back in time to his pre prime ministerial days, vote him out, and shut down his Conservative Government.

And Republicans did the same in the United States. By breaking every conceivable law on our planet, they acquired bio-technological status and high-jacked our lives and bodies. North American Nazi Party consists of two main political systems: Conservatives in Canada and Republicans in the United States.

Stephen Harper, Brian Mulroney, Scientology, Mormons Nazi organizations and all others who are involved in these abuses must be put on trial in a criminal court for human rights abuses, constitutional abuses, employment laws abuses, (in 1999 I was not able to find employment in Ontario, Canada, I was therefore forced to commute from Burlington, Ontario, Canada to downtown Buffalo, M & T Bank in the United States), illegal access inside our residences and inside our human bodies, criminal stalking and harassment, constant prodding and poking of our bodies with wireless technologies and sounds, destruction of our health and our physical bodies, for denying us freedom, for preventing us from being employed, destroying our health, theft of information, running illegal mind control experiments on us, and taking away our normal lives the way we want to live it and to which we are entitled. These criminals must be punished for these crimes. Financial restitutions must be made to us and we must be disconnected from this torture machine.

Boycott everything Scientology/Mormons Nazi Party own.

Unexplained deaths – Are you aware that criminals, members of Scientology/Mormons Nazi Party are illegally using wireless psychotronic military technologies in Canada, which are banned for use on civilian population? These technologies are capable to cause serious physical harm to a human body and have the ability to slow-kill, murder people. A person who is being assaulted with these technologies has difficulty breathing, is unable to rest and sleep because of the assaults. It is in fact a wireless gun pointing at us. Harper government knows about it, yet they are doing nothing about it. Human life is not important to Harper’s Conservative government, perhaps it is time to shut them down.

Scientology believes that their leader came from a volcano (Satanism), Mormons believe that their leader came from planet Kolob (there is no such thing) (Kolob – pro lobby?).

Here is some information about people, members of Scientology Nazi Party in Niagara Falls:

If anyone is being wirelessly assaulted with wireless current, wireless electricity, is being wirelessly encased in an electromagnetic field cage, is being assaulted with illegal military Black Ops technologies, is being stalked in person and wirelessly, (is receiving wireless messages even inside public washrooms) and is getting wireless extortion and coercion messages, attempts to sell you street drugs, this is who they are: Cecil and Sybrich Dam, (Dutch) Parklawn Crescent, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada, their cohorts in the neighbourhood, their son-in-law, a corrupt Caledonia OPP cop, Dams’ daughter, and granddaughter of Fonthill Ontario. They use their victims to practice Satanism, are dangerous, dysfunctional, extremely cruel and destructive. Using wireless illegal technologies they even assault people across the border in the United States.

They may also be illegally using computer systems at Niagara Falls, Ontario Seniors’ Community centre for the purposes of input of wireless harassment, and torture programming.

Psychotronic weapons are those that act to take away a part of the information which is stored in a human brain. It is sent to a computer, which reworks it to the level needed for those who want to attack, control and slow-kill, murder people, and the modified information is then reinserted into the brain to attack human body. Essentially, that person is staring at a gun barrel ready to kill.

This is an entirely new arsenal of military weapons, (intended only to be used by the military on the enemy in time of war but is being illegally used on good citizens, innocent civilians). Psychotronic technology is based on devices designed to introduce subliminal messages and to alter the body's psychological and physical data-processing capabilities, and is used to incapacitate individuals. These weapons aim to control or alter the psyche, or to attack the various sensory and physical data-processing systems of the human organism. Using latest military technologies illegally they see what we see as in camera and thus steal everything from us! And at what cost to our eyes! Through my eyes, they constantly send me light flashes of various colors: white, red, and blue.

Wireless electricity monitoring devices

Dams are unstable, criminals, consider themselves above the law, are grandiose, insolent, they are deranged, psychotic, uneducated, unintelligent, and yet, they have access into inside our bodies, into our organs and brains. This is a life and death situation; they have a gun pointing at me. I am under constant assault, they, using numerous wireless communication channels and technologies such as RNM constantly send me threatening messages, demanding money from me, constantly ordering me to leave my house. I have asked Harper government numerous times to disconnect me from this wireless murder machine. To date, I have had no response, and Dams and Scientology refuse to leave me alone and refuse to stop this torture.

I have sent numerous requests to the Canadian Government to get something done about this situation. To date, I’ve had no response from anyone. I am still waiting. I have a feeling that I am in a Never Never Land. Canadian government is "know nothing", “see nothing”, "do nothing", and "say nothing". It appears that human life is not important to Harper government.

Everyone knows about it, television networks know about it, numerous levels of Canadian government and police know about it, but to date, nothing is being done to stop this horrendous crime. Dams have not been arrested.

Dams demand constant attention and will do anything to get it at any cost, using any means. Don’t even talk to them, once you do, they will follow you, constantly set you up, cause trouble in your life, steal from you, and never leave you alone; they will stalk you, torment you in person and wirelessly and destroy your life in an effort to make themselves feel better about their own miserable lives.

This Dutch family has been stalking me for at least 37 years (that I know about) and has been using illegal military technologies on my whole family, including psychotronics and mind control, I just realized.

Dams, Scientology Nazi Party a part of “L” or “One World Men’s Political Movement” cover up their horrific assaults on people by telling their members and victims that they consider people (mostly women and children) “products” for them to use. No such law exists in Canada, United States or anywhere in the world. No country has any such laws. We have extensive human rights and constitutional rights laws in Canada. Anyone who disregards our human rights laws is liable.

They will destroy, vandalize your property when you are not looking. They are the outcasts of the society. They don’t respect anyone. – fake IDs, some with an elephant logo – same people

Scientology Nazi Party organization uses coercion, extortion, blackmail, mind control of population, ritualistic torture, rape and murder to silence opposition to their regime.

Next, Mitt Romney’s Diebold and Hart Intercivic voting machines in Hamilton, Ohio and
his hospital and military contracts. Are his voting machines being used in Canada? Mitt Romney has a residential property in Grand Bend, Ontario Canada.

Peace between countries isn’t good for those who sell military weapons.

On September 28, after Larry Flint offered to pay $1 million dollars for Mitt Romney’s income tax return, it has now been revealed that Romney owns the following: The Weather Channel (station is located in Atlanta, Georgia; (is there any connection to the telecom router failure in 1998-1999 which failed in Atlanta, Georgia causing North American telecom outage of all telecom companies? Also, is there any connection to major North American hydro power outages? Any connection to newly created Weather Commission?
Where Mormons Meet Scientology (Scientology’s founder was Ron Hubbard). News Religion Damian Thompson Germany – Mormon cult’s supercomputer

Mitt Romney who also has properties in Canada also owns Burlington Coat Factory, ToysRus, (ToysRUs owns Kay Bee’s, FAO Schwartz & eToys), Staples, Bain Capital, Diebold Voting Machines, Hart Intercivic voting machines in Hamilton, Ohio; Sealy Corp; Burger King, Staples, Domino Pizza, Accuride, Brookstore, Sports Authority, Artisan Entertainment, TWC – Clear Channel, (Clear Channel owns Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, XM Satellite Radio, Fox Sports Radio, The Premiere (syndicator) Network); Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), Warner Music Group, LinkedIn, Double Clic,; Surveay Monkey, Finger Hut, Sungard, CNOOC – China Offshore Oil Corporation (offerred to take over UNOCAL (orange “76” logo at California’s gas stations) [Keystone Pipe line is to run from Canada through US mostly Republican states][knock knock – Black Ops], Youku, Sinocism, TenCent, Sensata Technologies – India, OOD, Orio Diepen – Holland (The Netherlands), Sensata Tech- India; Odem Electronics – Israel; Source ESB, Orion Tech – Mormon cult’s mind control – Mormon cult’s Illuminati,;

Shut the immigration doors to India. They rape their own in India, then they come to other countries and continue to rape everything. That is their culture; they only take; never give.

Romney has stocks in companies located in China (commercial and industrial bank), The Netherlands, FLSmidth – machinery company – Denmark; Arcelorrmittal – a steel company in Luxemburg; Komarton – a Japanese machinery company; Abortitron – manufacturers of robots which perform abortions; OdysseyRe – a subsidiary of Toronto, Canada based insurance giant Fairfax Holdings owned by India’s Prem Watsa: Restore Our future, HIG Capital formerly Hort Intercivic voting machines; Salanere – military contracts; Sodexo – food supplier – France; Guitar Centers, Taleo Corp; Youku – China Internet piracy hub;; Tencent – China – Internet Education Company; Sensata Technologies owned by Bain Capital – sensor controls for manufacturers in auto, appliance, aircraft, HVAC, circuit breakers – Dominican Republic, Bulgaria, Mexico, China,; Atlero – Massachussets, China, Shanghai; Night Industria OOD, Freeport Illinois, Brazil, Malaysia, Cambridge, MD; Europe, Middle East; Klixon Telecom (SPR, RIS) FAA, PMA – military contracts – Korea, entire USA and Canada. Nexen Resources – Gulf of Mexico; Flame Enterprises, Peerless Electronics, TPS Aviation, Avio Diepen (Holland, Shanzhang – ASLA, Singapore; Check Republic (B/K Nao), Telemeter Electronic – Germany; PRIC – France; SocieteD’ – France; Etudes Tec – France; Patten Air – Italy; Terry Ferrais – Italy; Netherlands (Holland); Ario Diepen – Holland; Charcroft Tech _ India; Edmo – South America – Brazil; FLSmidth – machine company – Denmark; Oden Electronics – Israel, Shanghai, Shenzen; Dimensions – military, marine contracts – St. Paul, MN.; Fidelity Emerging fund.

Romney owns stocks in Uniview Technologies – China – supplier of governments’ “Safe Cities” program, advanced monitoring system that allows the authorities to watch over university campuses, hospitals and movie theatres from a centralized command ports(security threat); owns an interest in Huawei – China (both are a threat to our national security). He has a connection to Salarmere Sanford ponzie scheme to Bernie Maadoff. G. Romney sits on the Board of Salarmere; Tagg Romney, Mitt’s son is the president. Salarmere has investments in Goldman Sacs, Cambridge Industries (Bain) & plastics; Plastics News is accessed via Lexis Nexis, has a stake in Salt Lake City Olympics; car components sold to Meridian Automotive System (held 40 US based companies; Tag Insurance, 2150 W. Washington St. San Diego, CA); Ampad DD (Bain owned circuit board maker, Dade Int., medical supply company; The Weather Channel founded in 1995 , licensed by TRUSTe partners with Home Depot, WebMD. Mitt Romney also keeps some of his money in the Cayman Islands.

Bain Capital Equity Firm made bids on Los Angeles Times, San Hose Mercury News and the Wall Street Journal.

Mitt Romney's sons: Taggart (recently moved from New York City to San Diego, California- Managing Partner at Solamere Capital , CMO at L.A. Dodgers, Vice President of OnField Marketing at Reebok, Director of Strategic Planning at Elan Corp.; VP of Property Management at Excel Legacy Corp, Product Manager for Microsoft Corp.; Owner of Romney Ventures (a real estate developer), Acquisition Analyst at Intercontinental Real Estate; advisor to his father’s presidential campaign and Utah Governor’s Gary Herbert gubernatorial campaign; Dr. Benjamin Romney-Practices Internal Medicine in Boston; Degree in Management from BYU and a medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine. Craig Romney-Advertising Music Producer at McGarry Bowen.–mitt-romney-can-teach-stephen-harper-much-about-sleazy-politics-hepburn Who owns that call centre?

Mormon cult’s banks: – Foundationforlife Kirtland Bank – money laundering…

Mormon Nazi organization has not disclosed their finances since 1958 that means the organization has not paid any taxes since 1958. Yet they have City Creek Center Project, Silver LEED; Property Reserve, Inc; Coporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons don’t believe in Jesus Christ, why the name?) , Thropology, Taubman Centers, Inc; City Creek Reserve, Inc; (reserve?!); (Harmon Grocery Store, Cowboy Partners; Thropology, Nordstrom, Macy’s; Tiffany& Co; Michael Kors; Coach; Texas de Brazil; Churrascaria).

Romney has shares in Suisse the Swiss bank; Delitavite Japanese securities; ORION Tech – Mormon mind control technologies; Fowler Software Design. (His father was MKKYltra mind control experiments handler). – Mormon Illuminati – City Creek Center Project. Glen Hubbard is Romney’s Economic Adviser.

Donations to “churches” such as Scientology, Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses, Bhai do not qualify for income tax deductions; this is the Nazi Party which encompasses numerous cults including Scientology, Mormons, Jehova’s Witnesses, Bhai and numerous other Nazi Party and “One World Men’s Political Movement”, “The Family” snake cults.

Also, in Canada, if someone donates money to an institution, that individual gets to deduct 50% from his/her earnings; that means that in doing so he or she forces taxpayers to pay the other half. And what is Scientology and Mormom connection to ALEC organization which changes United States’ laws state by state bypassing Washington?! Are they doing the same in Canada?

Then we have internal domestic terrorism, abuses of civil liberties, human trafficking, betting on human lives, psychotronic wireless slow-kill murder machine which creates electromagnetic circuits and surrounds people with wireless current, wireless electricity, encapsulates human bodies in an invisible wireless electromagnetic cages, wireless electricity, wireless current, which in fact are and extension of Poland’s Auschwitz 49 personal concentration camps. I am Polish.

Because of what happened to Poland then, we are now in this situation. Poland has been a raped country from both sides for centuries. Poland’s boundaries kept constantly changing. Restitutions to Poland had never been made; Poland had never been compensated for her losses. The attackers have never been punished. But that wasn’t enough for the invaders; they kept viciously hunting us across the globe, attacking us intending to kill off all Polish people in the world. And because everyone chose to remain silent and look the other way thinking that it would not affect them, the rapes continued.

Nobody reported publicly about what was going on, there have never been any reports in the newspapers or magazines; there had never been any movies made about the most horrendous abuses of Polish people, and now we all pay a price for that decision.

This is the most horrendous war crime against our whole humanity. Everything they can do to any product, they can do to people and worse! They consider us their “products” and thus their properties from which they profit. They are using us for illegal broadband connections using our bodies as usb ports for a mass money laundering world operation using information within our bodies and brains!

In 2005 Scientology members kidnapped an Alberta woman politician whose job they wanted, put her in the trunk of a car, and took her to Las Vegas. She somehow managed to escape and to return home. When she showed up at work, they arrested her, forced her to go to Scientology psychiatrist and forced her to take needless prescription drugs. And they got away with it. This information came from Toronto Star newspaper article.

Through Scientology wireless psychotronic programming, they torture me day and night by sending me numerous painful signals to my body such as pancreas, kidneys, all over my body, extremely painful signals to the bottom of my spine, needle type signals into my eyes and all over my body; they constrict my throat, (this tightening in my throat is in fact a wireless dog collar – that’s why Scientology constantly plays dog barking sounds for days in communities) it is very difficult to breathe; I get hits to chest, they attack my stomach and it hurts all the time, put knots into my leg muscles; my whole body aches because I don’t have any relief from these vicious attacks. Their supercomputer sends rape signals to my genitals; tingling signals to both of my legs, itching in various parts of my body, sometimes all over, through my head, in difficult to reach areas such as inside my ears; I neither have any rest, peace, or sleep. I have never been a Scientology member, and until 1997 I didn’t even know they existed.

Scientology programmed their wireless psychotronic attacks on me specifically for each location and even specific to each room in my house. The attacks differ from room to room.

– Psychotronic wireless murder technologies
– Psychotropic prescription drugs
– Psychiatric medical methodologies – this is premeditated murder, intent, genocide.

They send me numerous messages using numerous wireless communication channels simultaneously and using numerous technologies. Some of the messages recently are: “We are neighbors”, "you are a Pole, you don't deserve to live", “shut up”, "we'll keep harassing you until you are a vegetable", “we don’t respect you”, “we love you”, “consensual” , “ event”, “harassing each other”, “program”, “ritual”, “we protect you’, “legal”, “we support you”, “we are listening to each other”, “Canadian”, “we respect you”, we protect each other”, “ritual”, “product”, “reality show”, “we are attacking you”, “mind control”, “company”, “get out of here” , “leave us” (they are illegally wirelessly in my own house), “issue”, or “mom”, “we are listening to each other”, “don’t worry about it”, “visit”, “our customers are doing this”.

Who are their customers who are also illegally wirelessly in my house, my body and stalk me constantly?

They send cigarette smoke, gas, skunk smells into my work area, or, use wireless technology on my brain to make me smell cigarette smoke, move my body parts etc. I am under constant assault day and night. It is worse at home, because my neighbors, Cecil and Sybrich Dam also attack me out of their house next door and in person, physically trespass onto my property damaging it. I feel technologies around me all the time. It never stops.

When I attempt to block them off and put in special ear plugs to minimize the effect of their incessant messages, they then reprogram messages, their computer knows that I put in ear plugs in my ears, and it then sends messages directly to my skull using different wireless communication channels to further torture me.

Scientology people drive around with wireless portable devices in their vehicles, attack and murder people, then pass it of as natural causes.

Scientology police use cell phone guns, illegally for the purposes to intentionally harm people:
htp:// – Human body composition monitor…Bc_10000_Ant+_Wireless_Body_Composition – Human body networking -Dynastream Innovations Inc., They are using our bodies illegally without our knowledge or consent as connection USB port…/microsoft_patents_bodyasnetwork.html – Taggart Romney is Microsoft’s Product Manager

Not only do we have technological ants assaults, we also have imported red ants invasions which threaten economies not only in the US and Canada, but also worldwide in all countries because of them. And they did it for an event.…and-module-using-human-body……uses_human_body_for_broadband_networking…human-arm-at-broadband-speeds.xhtml Patent #6,754472…and-module-using-human-body…:–Nazis-Ban-All-Other-Political-Parties.html
Scientology Defectors Speak Out and Investigations into this Nazi Satanic cult:
http://www.nyp…scientology-defectors-say – Scientology insolvent in Norway

Then this: 77 people were killed in 2011 in Norway massacre. After that attack, Norway put Scientology Nazi Party into bankruptcy.

United Nations on transnational organized crime and human trafficking information: Church?! What church?! It is a Nazi party.….fine……/resources/transnational-crime/gj11.htm

See also recent articles at:

Scientology uses wireless psychotronic and wireless predictive mind control technologies, by illegally accessing human brains, our medical and private information wirellessly, (without our consent or informed knowledge) using person's health and brain information.

They, through the use of illegal wireless military technologies have all our information: pin numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, passport and visa information, our tax returns, how much money each of us has, where we live, our credit line, how much money we owe, our telephone numbers, who we talk to-they listen to our conversations, what we think, read, see, type, paint, create such as music, write and say, regardless of the security that had been installed at the universities, residences, government departments, or private businesses, including courts, hospitals, elections and law firms (they bypass all security, and there is absolutely no security in hospitals) ; (all of it is now in the hands of this the most dangerous world’s hate terrorist organization, stored on their hard drives). They have the ability to wirellessly alter all of the above.

We need to find out where their equipment is located, where these hard drives are and destroy all of Scientology and Mormom psychotronic and mind control technologies, shut them down completely. They are too dangerous. This is world’s biggest technological epidemic, millions of people are suffering, yet it is unacknowledged and unrecognized by the authorities and no provisions have been made by our governments to protect the victims and to stop this torture and murders.

Scientology stole and copied our memories and knowledge, stored them on wireless technological servers or Clouds, and are using that information for the purposes of stalking, psychotronic torture including using EMF overhead radiation, and other psychotronic methods connected us with reels to supercomputers which listen and learn for the purposes of further torture attacks, using “yes”/”no” or “good cop, bad cop” technique, in essence taking out the middle, the person. •

They didn’t just store our memories and knowledge on one technological Cloud, they used Scatter technologies and scattered that information all over the technological world.

They assigned us barcodes or I.Ps, human GPS. In 1980s Brian Mulroney, Canada’s former Conservative Party prime minister approved bar codes for Canadian people without informing us. He called it Common Sense Revolution. We have been branded against the law. The consequences are immeasurable.–mulroney-s-tax-break-revealed
Brian Mulroney’s 50 million dollar lawsuit against Canadian taxpayers, and 2.1 million dollars for his legal and PR costs – Illegal Human Body Networking – BAN – Applied Biomechanics – Complaints of Human Rights Violations

We would not be tortured and manipulated in a properly functioning legal, judicial, political and social system. Brian Mulroney’s Montreal Norton Rose Law Firms’ telephone number is 514 8474779; fax is 514-2865474; email

In Canada, Scientology does not have a ‘church status’; it is considered, and recognized in Canadian criminal courts as a criminal terrorist organization! Much of it is kept form Canadians in various cover up situations.

Canada’s current Canada’s prime minister, Steven Harper also publicly supports Scientology Nazi Party criminal Corporation. The question is why?! Harper illegally hired 6 new Ministers of Parliament without an election! The government also approved $113,000 per month per homosexual immigrants for the first three months after the arrival to Canada; that’s $339,000 per person from 79 countries! See Toronto Star newspaper article. Have they all gone insane? Ontario is bankrupt!

Canada’s former Prime Minister, Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau once said: “Governments have no business in the bedrooms of the nation”.

First Scientology attacked Poland, then Ireland, former Czechoslovakia, former Yugoslavia, Greece, California, and Canada, forced them into bankruptcy, and now they are going for the throats of all world’s taxpayers!

There is no doubt in my mind that they are passing the costs of psychotronic and other harassment and terrorist attacks on the population, onto the taxpayers.

Scientology is also listed as a nonprofit under REJ Church of Scientology Dellas and Corporacion Centro de Dianetica Scientology. – they are not actually stalking us, it is not actually stalking (they are stalking us as well); however, we are wirellessly connected to psychotronic computer servers, murder machines, which are making it look as if there are numerous people, when in fact, the programmers programmed psychotronic computer servers which are wirellessly connected to us to use numerous sounds, i.e. male, female, children’s voices; also, they are attaching themselves to all sounds at random, all numbers and words, then follow with a wireless hit to our bodies, usually painful, or signal to the genital area, at random as well, even when we urinate, and even in public washrooms in the stalls – anywhere we are located.
Sites about psychotronic information:
http://stodewnit.html – capable of weather changes, hurricanes, instant lightning

Most of the human body assault technologies were created and applied for patents by India’s technological scientists. Now, it appears the names on patents have been changed or hidden. Scientology Nazi Party members who are from India force Canadian citizens to marry their members.

They have controlled Employment Agencies and Human Resources Departments within companies worldwide , everywhere for decades; they control public libraries. All Toronto Employment agencies are Scientology. They hire only for the purposes of firing. As soon as you start working for them, they start undermining. They bounced me from company to company. At one time I had 40 interviews in one month, they bounced me around. When I finally obtained employment, they immediately proceeded to attack me and to undermine my work. I now realize that I was being hunted by them for decades.

They do the same with politicians. First, they support them, elect them, then, immediately they start to undermine everything!

They are completely blocking all contacts with Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario; most contacts to Ottawa University, we are unable to contact to them. Scientology constantly changes telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, and keeps moving offices without paying rent.

Information about some of the psychotronic patents for these wireless torture, slow-kill murder machines technologies can be found on these websites:… – Nazi There are many such websites; many are now hidden.

There are legal problems with these technologies, patents and copyrights. It appears that no provisions were made to protect the public. American Library Association

Below are some samples of old patents; there are numerous other new patents; the list is very long. These technologies existed and have been used on civilian population since 1961 (about the same time of German pharmaceutical company’s Thalidimide scandal. Now, 50 years later, some of the victims are still waiting for compensation) starting with Patent number 2995633 applied by Henry Puharich, and Lawrence – microwave hearing system.
Patent Number – 7629918 – hunting humans
Patent – Brunken – 4877027 – situational awareness
Patent – Loos – 6017302 – situational awareness
Patent Number – 5785653 – Greece
Patent Number – 515903 – Sound of Silence
Patent Number – 6052336 – manipulation of of nervous system
Patent Number – 6258022 – changing emotional state
Patent Number – 6919979 – optical scanning through our eyes
Patent Number – 6081744 – pulsative manipulation of nervous system – cooking our bodies
Patent Number – Hendrius Loos – pulse variability in electric field manipulation of the nervous system – example: attack on Le Roy High School, New York State in 2011
Patent Number – 6167304 – intra oral electronic tracking of people
Patent Nubmer – 6292688 – hand held tracking humans device
Patent Number – 6426919 – causing auditory hallucinations in people
Patent Number – 6729337 – projecting smells during stalking attacks; smells could be anything, including tabacco, gas and skunk.
Patent Number 5448501 – Hablov – wireless illegal GPS human tracking
Patent Number 3951134 – Molech – remotely monitoring and altering brain waves
Patent Number 4877027 – Microwave hearing remote hearing system
Patent Number 4858612 – Wireless hearing device No. 7-tracking people
Patent Number 6052336 – Lowley – Wireless method of broadcasting, audible sound using ultrasound carriers
Patent Number 5356368 – inducing wirellessly desired states of consciousness i.e. sleep or lack of – i.e. putting person instantly to sleep while that person is driving on the highway
Patent Number 5889870 – Norris – acoustic heterodyne device, method, sound interference, parasitic attachment by running secondary communication channels
Patent Number 6052336 – Lowrey- situational awareness, wireless illegal surveillance systems
Patent Number 4893815 – Rowan – illegal wireless human GPS tracking, use of human illegal bar codes or IPs (this is only one such patent, there are many)
Patent Number 5785653 – predicting internal condition of a human body wirellessly without person’s knowledge or consent, then making bets on it
Patent Number 6011991 – Mardiossian – same as above
Patent Number 5507291 – wireless method to determine person’s emotional state, also instant ability to change that state i.e. force that person to cry instantly, cause depression, aggression
Patent Number 5539705- M.A. Akarman, Curtis Ayers, Howard Haynes, July 23, 1996- wireless communication system undetectable by radio frequency carried through carrier mediums including gases, liquids, solids, and reconnecting the sound waves back to the original audio system state
Patent Number 5935054 – encapsulating human body with wireless technology (painful)
Patent Number 59552600- wirellessly disabling car engine (on highways at high speeds)
Patent Number 6017302 – subliminal acoustic manipulation of nervous system, sleepiness, disorientation, acoustic radiation
Patent Number 6051594 – affecting sexual response while they watch wirellessly and record; i.e. giving person orgasm while that person is sleeping, then waking that person to humiliate while they wirellessly watch, record then sell that information
Patent Number 7629918 – Hunting humans
Patent Number 6506148 – encapsulating people with wireless technology (painful)
Patent Number 6430443 – Instantly pushing down words – instantly forcing person to say something that person would not normally say; we have absolutely no control over this- we have no ability to stop it, even when we are aware that they are doing this to us
Patent Number 6258022 – changing emotions – same as above – they can force people to murder and rape
Patent Number 6135944 – encapsulating people with wireless electromagnetic technologies (very painful) –satellite terrorism in North America

Patent to make people shake violently; symptoms resemble Parkinson’s – they removed patent number from my computer file.
Patent Number 5935054 – encapsulating people with wireless electromagnetic, current technologies (very painful) this is a very small list of such technological patents, and the list goes on …… – it is Scientology/Nazi Party within
Provided is a human body communication method using a multi-carrier modulation method, in which users do not interfere with each other in an environment with several users, and stable communication is possible when users are exposed to strong interference generated at other electronic devices. Also, provided are a multi-carrier modulation method, in which data between communication devices connected to a human body used as a channel is divided into a plurality of sub-channels and the data is transmitted by loading it on each of a plurality of sub-carrier signals, and a multi-connection method using the multi-carrier modulation method. The plurality of sub-channels having a predetermined bandwidth include several sub-carriers, and by changing a modulation method applied to the sub-carriers, stable communication can be realized.

Some of the protective measures for people from harmful wireless psychotronic technologies could be:

1) Patent Revocation – Anti Cyber Forensics – revocation of psychotronic, human body assault patents; when patents that are harmful to human body are revoked, and patent codes are removed from the program on supercomputer’s servers, that technology would no longer work. The same applies for licenses for those technologies. When licenses are removed, that technology should no longer work.
1a) For evidence, there is a log of what was done to a human body using computer technologies, who accessed, which technologies were used. That log is inside our bodies.

2) enabling human body protective patents such as:
– Patent number 7365991 – protects against EMP attacks
– Patent number 1996 – 5512823 – electromagnetic field detector
– Patent number 6091994 – subliminal message protection
– Patent number 200 803 11967 and
– Patent number 200 803 11961 – fiberoptic earpiece – optical fiber shields the human brain from radio frequency radiation
– Patent number 5394164 detects psychotronic attacks
– Patent number 4595023 – apparatus method of detecting severe damage done by psychotronic attacks to vital organs of a human being, and who did the damage

3) There are psychotronic blocking technologies companies
– Such as Psychotronic Blocking Technologies Inc.
1407 W. Church St., Carlsbad NM 88220 USA ( I haven't been able to get any information about them, perhaps it is a front) and – Radiation Shield Technologies, Miami – John Hefler

4) Search and Destroy program to destroy harmful to people psychotronics run through wireless networks to destroy psychotronic technologies
5) There must be a re-examination of granted patents for harmful to people psychotronic technologies – when was this done the last time? Who re-issued these patents and allowed them to continue and for what purpose?
6) Patent analysis services to help identify who approved implementation and how to stop their use.
7) CIPA and other Patent Attorneys consultation – URL to find Patent Attorneys:
8) Disallow Psychotronic schools to operate and psychotronic products to be sold on the Internet.
9) We need high level systems or products capable of eliminating electronic brain and body torture.
9a) We need information on psychotronic systems limitations. Scientology is blocking that information from the public on the Internet.
9b) Yale University Study of Slavery Department email and
10) Human Bar Codes could simply be removed from us (this should be a simple process – it was illegal for them to do this to us). Also, human frequencies could be completely blocked so that our frequencies cannot be accessed.
11) There is a permanent injunction to stop Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) experiments on North Americans; why is it not being implemented? Whose responsibility is it to implement?
11a) Make this an election issue. There have been previous demands
Also see articles URL 2011 –;;;
12) Who is responsible for licenses and enforcement of patents? When the license is removed from company, organization or individual on licensing authority’s server, that product no longer would work – in theory.
12a) You can find information about companies' websites, who they are through WHOIS Internet Services such as Or,
When I attempted to obtain public information about Orlando Health Services, and Shands Health Services, I was denied access to that information. Their website is
13) Find out about process of revocation of patents; what is that process, what happens to patents once they have been revoked, what happens to that technology, who oversees them, who tests and how is it done, how is Q & A and R & D (Research and Development) done; eventually, IRS (in US) and CRA (in Canada) SRND ( Scientific Research and Development Departments must approve. How do they do it? What is their technological background?) Who, to date has received SRND grants money for psychotronic harmful to human body technology? One private company monitoring companies’ R & D operations is Hexagon AB Sweden. The company was formerly known as Eken Industri & Handel AB and changed its name to Hexagon AB in 1993. Hexagon AB was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Information about companies can be found on
14) We need originals of psychotronic patents, applications etc. There is not enough details in the information on the web.
15) Detailed background Information is needed about the manufacturers of these technologies and posted on the Internet. At one time they were selling psychotronic technology on the Internet.
15a) Take Scientology billboards down which they put up along the streets and highways.
16) There needs to be as much information distribution as possible about these technologies to stop Scientology Nazi Party from abusing people. When they project holograms such as human heads on a platter into residences to scare people, or SUVs blocking their driveways (this is domestic terrorism), or attempt to extort money from people through so called séances, we need to publicly show people how these technologies work; for example, booths could be set up in shopping malls, visually showing people that it is technology, not something from out of space. Also, groups of technical people could be arranging with schools boards to show students how it is done – not only holograms, but how RNM, Silent Sound and other human body assault mind control technologies work. Also, we need television programs and movies made about this.
17) – Eliminate and nullify the effects of manmade frequencies in the human body
20) We need to set up call centers for the purpose of distribution of this information. Faxes (through fax machines or computers to fax machines, not over the Internet) are preferable, in person deliveries because it is too easy to delete email, and email is frequently kept on the servers and not delivered.

21) FPO Patents Search Engine
22) Information is needed regarding have there been any grants, (in each country) money issued for psychotronic, harmful to people patents and development of technologies? Scientific Research and Develpment branches of IRS and Canada Revenue Services would have that information.
23) Keep in mind that no router can protect us from them because they developed these technologies and they know all the back doors and how to get around.
24) Unless they have been shut down by now, or hidden, there are Internet sites which illegally sell psychotronic equipment and programming.
25) Who manages the whole system? Who are systems administrators for Human Life Wireless WAN networks? – Look up Protocol 1000 – Health Monitor Human Body Protocol
25a ) In California there is an IMPACT FUND for Social Strategic Litigation for Social Justice URL

– Wireless Protocol 1000 – Tanita BC-1000 Ant+ Wireless Body Composition Monitor
Tanita BC-1000 Ant+ Wireless Body Composition Monitor – Tanita brings the most … communications with much lower power consumption than other wireless protocols. The BC-1000 ……BC_1000_Ant+_Wireless_Body_Composition..

– Wireless Protocol 1000 – Wireless Sensor Network Protocols • Primary theme: building long-lived, massively-distributed, … • How do we task a 1000+ node dynamic sensor network to conduct complex …

– Embedded Wireless Labs designs and develops radio base stations, WiFi and WiMAX … banking terminals, medical telemetry, WiFi 802.11 design and WiMAX wireless protocols …

– Weather Servers – Davis Instruments 6250-WEATHERLINKIP Vantage Vue Wireless .- Internet Protocol or IP Network Weather Stations update weather servers … It has frequency-hopping spread spectrum radio technology, wireless transmission up to 1,000 feet …

– Weather Protols – Manual:RouterOS features – MikroTik Routers and Wireless – Hardware encryption support on RouterBOARD 1000. Point to point tunneling … HWMP+ Wireless MESH protocol MME wireless routing protocol DHCP. Per interface DHCP server –

– Electronic Mind Control Applications, Cell Phone, HAARP, TETRA – Non-consensual Electronic Mind Control, Behavior Modification, Subliminal Persuasion … to coincide with well documented psychoactive windows and entrainment protocols. –

– HP Networking: switches, routers, wired, wireless, HP … – Wireless; Routers; Network Management; Network Security — HP TippingPoint; Unified Communications; Application Delivery platforms and solutions; Accessories – –

– Wireless Warriors Secure in Their Knowledge – SIGNAL Magazine
Modular Internet protocol-based encryption technology enables wireless transmission of Top Secret information. Sending Top Secret e-mail from a hotel room may soon be …

– Cisco RV120W-A-NA Wireless-N VPN Firewall 1000 Simultaneous Sessions NAT throughput : 95 Mbps … QoS]), IPv4 (RFC 791), IPv6 (RFC 2460), Routing Information Protocol (RIP ……a-na-wireless-n-vpn-firewall-1000…mbps.aspx

– Re: Roku Soundbridge M1000 Wireless Protocol. by S80_UK » Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:24 am … filtering, you are allowing any WiFi device to connect to your router's wireless …

– NEW Tanita BC-1000WH Ant+ Wireless Body Composition Bundle … The wireless interface protocol enables ultra low power applications ideal for … with much lower power consumption than other wireless protocols. The NEW D-1000 ……Tanita_BC_1000WH_Ant_Wireless_Body

– Types of wireless tools – Network ESSID scanners – Wireless protocol analyzers … passwords x 1,000 common SSIDs. 40 GB of lookup tables ……

– The Vatic Project: "VISITING "THE PROTOCOLS" – An …- When you read the protocol quotes below, you will see what this video is … done to them, and no effective treatment, so they are in actuality, mind control … –

– WALKair 1000 Point to MultiPoint System Wireless – Project: WALKair[TM] 1000 Point to Multipoint Wireless Access System Document: Version 8.5 … 1300 units • Enhanced air protocol option – software enabled option …

– Body Composition Monitor BC-1000 wireless Tanita – Display external wireless D-1000 which shows the readings. (OPTIONAL ACCESSORY 756 … Water mass ratio: 0.1; Electrodes: 4; Wireless Protocol: ANT + Batteries: included –

– Body Composition Monitor BC-1000 wireless Tanita – Display external wireless D-1000 which shows the readings. (OPTIONAL ACCESSORY 756 … Water mass ratio: 0.1; Electrodes: 4; Wireless PThis is ANT, the Wireless Sensor Network Solution – ANT is a Wireless Personal Network protocol, by Dynastream Innovations Inc., with small size … 1000: Required PCB area (mm 2) 125: Depends on architecture: Depends on … compares protocol: ANT + Batteries: included –

– The Wireless LAN and HP iPAQ Handheld Devices – HP supported authentication wireless protocols … of a WLAN can normally reach a maximum radius of 500 feet indoors and 1,000 …

– Wireless Test Systems | Agilent – USB (2.0/3.0/Wireless) Design & Test Information Resource … TTCN-3 Protocol Test systems with validated PCT Test Cases Fully test WirelessHD RF compliance with the CTS-1000 …

26) Set up a website especially designed to expose Scientology Nazi Party, include on it all already exposed information about them, for example: defectors interviews, television shows – there have been several on Australian and Canadian television, newspaper articles, legal issues, government and civil law suits against Scientology owned companies, information about their Clearwater, Florida bank, their publically known financial information etc., everything that has been written about them:

Numerous groups and people have attempted over the decades to bring attention to this problem: 1948 Orwell in his book “1984”; Songs, which have been written and recorded, for example: "Hotel California" by the Eagles – 1976; Pink Floyd "All Alone You Are Just A Brick in The Wall" – 1979; “1972- Stealers Wheel song “Stuck in the Middle”; Times Magazine: "A Cult of Greed, Hate and Power" – 1991 –; 1991 “The ‘Perfect’ (Scientology) Storm”, 1961 – Alfred Hitchcock's movie "The Birds"; 1969 – The Guess Who song “No Time Left For You”; 1969 – song by Guess Who “No Time Left For You”; 1972 – Golden Earrings song “When the Bullet Hits the Phone”;
1983- J. Geils Band in their song “Centerfold” lyrics state “my memory has been sold”; 1988 – movie “A Cry in the Dark” (also “Evil Angels”), Meryl Streep, based on John Bryson’s book, directed by Fred Schepini – Warner Bros, Cannon Films; 1993 – movie “The Fugitive” with Harrison Ford; 1999 – 007 Bond movie “The World is not Enough”; 2006- Rodney Atkins’ song: “If You Are Going Through Hell, Jus Keep on Going”; 2010 – Germany's Southwest Broadcasting (ARD) Consortium television movie "Until Nothing is Left" by Carl Bergengruen; 2003 – movie “Runaway Jury” – director Gary Fleder, actors: Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman. 2003 Billionaire entrepreneur Michael Lee-Chin built dinosaur clear glass (so that people from the street could see it) exhibit on Bay Street, Toronto to serve as a warning to them and Bay Street); 2003- Jason Aldean’s song: “That’s The Only Way I Know, Don’t Stop Until Everything is Gone”; 2007- Doobie Brothers song “Taking it to the Streets”; 2008- Chris Young song “I Hear Voices”; 2012 – Canadian CBC television show on Scientology abuses: The Ex-Files – The Passionate Eye – CBC – The Passionate Eye Jun 18, 2012 Scientology: The Ex-Files. … Related links. Scientology: The Ex File… ……/ID/1601997771; 2010 –…/the_secrets_of_scientology/ – 8k – 2010-11-13; Ex Scientologist – Australian TV on child abuse in Scientology; Leonard Cohan’s poems and songs; Australian prime time TV show covers the exploitation of children as young as thirteen working as staff members in the Church of Scientology in Melbourne; 2010 Chris Young’s song “I Hear Voices”; 2005 IMAX movie “Church? What Church?!”, Sept. 2012 – Adele’s song “Skyfall” from latest James Bond movie;; Australian Television show,; Australian rugby player blasts Scientologists in print and TV …Guider told the Australian Broadcast Company’s Lateline TV show of … is shaking the rafters of Scientology in Australia and rightfully so. 1981 – Rod Stewart’s song “Young Hearts Be Free Tonight” reference to Tom being a thief is a reference to Scientology; 2013- Golden Globe Awards – Judy Foster’s speech; 01/15/2013 – NBC “Rock Center” Brian Williams on “Scientology”; 2013- Access Hollywood “Scientology on Fire”; “2013- Disney message: “Make it Atlantis” (sink it); “Mercedez Benz message: “The best or nothing”; Audi message; “A4”; Buick message: “White laundry”; 2013- Paul Haggis screenwriter’s book “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief” (Canada [Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government] and United Kingdom blocked publishing of this book) ; 2012 – Summer Olympics – Queen Elizabeth parachuted out of a plane as Mary Poppins and Summer Olympics showed the whole tree being pulled out with its roots with a message: “ It is going to get a lot louder in return”; 2013- message from University in Warsaw Poland: “Suckers United”;

2012 – Racism in the Netherlands video

Scientology has also been broadcasting commercials on television, threatening their members, and preventing them from leaving this Nazi satanic cult.

27) Legislate them out globally simultaneously – make it so it is illegal for them to operate anywhere in the world.

28) Deny them advertising, do not take their money; it is going to cost you more in the end. You don't want their money in this situation.

29) Create websites for reporting attacks by them- name them, the word Scientology must appear on that website.

When they project holograms such as cut off human heads on a platter into residences to scare people, or SUVs blocking their driveways (this is domestic terrorism), or lasers through walls and through human eyes or attempt to extort money from people through so called séances, we need to publicly expose them and to show people how these technologies work; for example, booths could be set up in shopping malls, visually showing people how it is done, that it is technology. This information should also be taken on the road, from city to city across country and internationally.

Also, groups of technical people should be arranging with school boards to show students how these mind control and human body assault technologies work, how this is done – not only holograms, but how RNM (it is text, programming language attached to sound to torment people using numerous wireless communication channels simultaneously, then followed with wireless signals which physically penetrates human body, Silent Sound, RNM (using numerous simultaneous wireless communication channels even inside our mouths), RNM (that which is invisible to the eye), V2K, DEW, VDI, DEW, ELF, SIGINT, VDI, EBL, 3D Speech and sound, and numerous others.

This must be done so that people don't fear these technologies and understand the process. Also, so that they are not duped by Scientology people such as my next-door neighbors, who are attempting to profit by drawing people into Satanism, occult, psychic fairs, seances and black magic. Go to their “psychic” fairs, shows with your technologies and show people how they do it using wireless technologies to defraud the public. Such as India, Texas, San Francisco, Buffalo etc.

We need to completely choke them off – everywhere. Seance, Satanism, witchraft, psychic, black magic and occult industry must be choked off; Scientology feeds off that industry to perpetuate fear and extort money from people. First, they attack their victims with illegal wireless technologies, then, they extort money from people, attempt to sell them séances, and tell their victims that it is their dead who are contacting them. Or, worse, people are told they have psychiatric problems and are needlessly prescribed psychiatric drugs such as psychotropics for the purposes of financial gain by the medical and pharmaceutical professions.

This knowledge would help people to protect themselves and their families. It took me seven years to finally put all the pieces together and determine what was going on. And I have technical backgroud. It never occured to me that they would connect humans to psychotronic sueprcomputers and turn us all into their slaves.

Also, we need television programs and movies made about these technologies to educate people so that they would not be afraid. If it is done in a documentary style, it won't work, because many young people these days appear to be more interested in Hollywood and who dates whom, rather than social issues.

There is a permanent US injunction to stop Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) experiments on North Americans; why is it not being implemented? Whose responsibility is it to implement and to stop these experiments? Where do we report that these technologies are being used on us and our family members? I have reported this numerous times to various levels of police. To date, I've had no response.

30) Evoke Eminent Domain laws for better good of all – the whole world — in (US); in Canada, Germany and Africa it Eminent Domain is called Expropriations; in Poland it is called Prawo Wywlaszczeniowe; in Australia it is called Compulsory Acquisitions; in United Kingdom it is called Compulsory Purchase; in Europe it is called Spiritus Temporis laws and confiscate illegal technologies which are harmful to people such as psychotronics and DEW weapons which have been disallowed to be used on North Americans. Eminent domain (United States), compulsory purchase (United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland), resumption/compulsory acquisition (Australia), or expropriation (South Africa and Canada) is an action of the state to seize a citizen's private property, expropriate property, or seize a citizen's rights in property with due monetary compensation, but without the owner's consent.

The property is taken either for government use or by delegation to third parties who will devote it to public or civic use or, in some cases, economic development. The most common uses of property taken by eminent domain are for public utilities, highways, and railroads; however, it may also be taken for reasons of public safety. Some jurisdictions require that the government body offer to purchase the property before resorting to the use of Eminent Domain.
30) Restorative Justice must be implemented to pay back people, cities, provinces, states, countries for damages done.
31) Put Leans on Scientology properties.
32) You can find a list of withdrawn patents at this location:
32a) We need information as to what happens if patent application is false, if fraudulant information had been submitted. Who is responsible for this situation?
33) It appears that US patents cannot be used in other countries, including Canada; no cross border is allowed even for wireless. That information is on; and CIPO website – Canadian Intellectual Property Office
34) Canadian Library Patents data base
35) We need detailed information about laws in US, Canada, UK, Australia and other countries regarding patents harmful to humanity such as psychotronics
Sylvain Laporte Canadian Commissioner of Patents, Registrar of Trademarks and Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Reporting patent crime in Canada – does this apply to wireless, cross border harmful to people technologies such as psychotronics? How do we do this in order to get them to disconnect us from them, because Scientology also has people working within RCMP? I reported this to RCMp Criminal and RECOL Divisions. We need this information to be made public and websites created for the purposes of reporting.

37) United Kingdom –
40) What happens to those who are illegally using wireless, human body assault technologies such as psychotronics? What are the laws governing this, and who is responsible for enforcing those laws? Where must we report that this is happening to us to force them to disconnect us from Scientology supercomputer murder machines? How can we be safe when we have a wireless technological psychotronic gun pointed at us day and night?
41) Canadian Patents information – information on patent laws and procedures, links to other relevant sites (not sure about this site) Patent Lawyer – Life Sciences – Mind control attorney, Helen L. MoGonicle – civil rights lawyer, Don Bailey Agents

42) United States
International Patents Offices all countries
44) – New Zealand
45) – Australia
45a) – Uropean Union Patent office
45b) – Intellectual Property Offices
47)We need information on wirelss propulsion technologies and patents in all countries physics.
48) From what I have been able to discern from my research on patents, it appears that neither patents or their technologies are legally permitted to cross boundries; for example, technologies patents applied for in the United States are not legally permitted to be used in Canada, regardless if they are wireless or not. I have not been able to find any information regarding treaties between Canada and the United States regarding this.
49) Commissions for the Study of Bioethical Issues –
50) Hate Crime Legislations in Canada and the United States
51) Federation Against Mind Control Europe
52) Put front page advertisements in all newspapers requesting that those who have been abused by Scientology come forward, and include a petition site.
53) Proof of wireless psychotronic attacks – Human body and brain are similar to that of a computer hard drive, and compouter's registry where all of the information is stored. This information therefore, can be retrieved as proof.
55) To Report Fraud and Identity Theft:
* Federal Trade Commission:
* World Privacy Forum:
* United States Postal Inspection Service:
* Identity Theft Resource Center:
* Privacy Rights Clearinghouse:
* Social Security Administration:
* Medical Information Bureau:
56) Kick them out of air, space; deny them access to all AIR, deny them access to all wireless technologies– no cell phones –nothing! These people are assassins, murderers!
57) As a last resort, expose their technology source code, make it public; they will be forced to shut it down.
58) Create a long lasting television series about Scientology Nazi cult, keep it in the public eye constantly, do not let up so that people are constantly aware of their danger to the society.

Cecil and Sybrich Dam, their children and grandchildren, are members of Dutch “Christian Reformed Church” which in reality is Scientology Satanic Nazi cult on Jepson Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada, along with their cohorts, the police, medical profession have been using wireless psychotronic mind control technologies illegally on me and millions of Canadian, US and world-wide citizens.

Cecil Dam’s previous license plate had 623 on it; “6” stands for Satanism, “23” is the day of my birth; he threw acid on the front license plate. Sybrich Dam has 43 on her car license plate; 43 is related to Poland’s Auschwitz Nazi concentration camps. Intent!

In order for Dams, my next door neighbors to use any dangerous technology, such as psychotronics which use mind control and damage human body, not only Dams would need accreditation, and licensing in that technology but also in psychiatry. And they have neither. Cecil Dam, a pervert and a “peeping tom “ is a retired truck driver, Sybrich Dam is a store clerk; neither is educated, ethical, or intelligent; their family are vicious psychotic beasts and yet they have access into our bodies, brains and organs.

They start out this process slowly stalking people for decades, so we wouldn’t notice, and increase their attacks in intensity as years progress, always wirellessly and in person stalking, always watching and recording our activities even in public washrooms. They illegally physically accessed and damaged, scarred our brain stems. This can all be proven.

Scientology Nazi Party keeps their members in the dark, feeding them only one steady diet of Scientology and nothing else. Many members have no idea that Scientology inflicted horrendous terror on our humanity. Many of those who know, are willing participants in these atrocities for their profit. Others are afraid of Scientology Nazi party and are looking the other way. This is the worst thing that any one of us can do. We are connected to wireless murder machines, and they intend to kill us all – if we don’t fight them, we don’t have a chance of ever surviving – we will always remain their slaves, our children will be their slaves, and our grandchildren as well. We are all at risk. We all have a wireless gun pointing at us.

Some of the illegal (intended only to be used by the military in case of war on the enemy, but are being used on innocent civilians) technologies Scientology Nazi terrorist, satanic, political cult organization have been using are: EMF, (overhead, wireless radiation – because of that fertility has decreased in North America), NRM, V2K, Silent Sound, SIGNALS, DEW, ELF, SIGINT, VDI, EBL, 3D Speech and sound, and numerous others.

Dams, Dutch terrorist family, my next-door neighbors, who reside on Parklawn Crescent, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada have modified microwave equipment and have been “cooking” my body with microwave radiation coming directly from their house; Dams have also been using modified radar guns, and stun guns on me. And they have been doing this to me and others continuously for decades. They are constantly raping me by sending wireless signals to my genitals.

Over the decades I moved numerous times, they followed. People have moved countries and even continents, only to find out that Scientology Nazi satanic, political, terrorist cult using the above wireless technologies and in person followed them and continued their vicious, inhumane attacks, always with the aid of police, social and medical profession to cover up their wrong doing. They even attacked people in Hollywood, music industry, arts industry – anyone who is in a creative profession.

Partial list of symptoms of these technologies: painful needle like wireless hits to the body, usually to the eyes, followed after I either think, hear or say something they don’t like, cause false heart attacks by enlarging my heart, painful signals sent to the brain, tingling anywhere in the body, (usually the legs), severe itching, constriction of throat, esophagus, coughing, feeling of invisible static electromagnetic cage field around the body, (this is very painful), feeling of being accessed in the genital area, (technological rape), visual disturbances, loss of fertility because of radiation, male pattern boldness, instant hair loss, loss of creativity and productivity, chronic fatigue, injection of words, allergies, nasal stuffiness, make “dams” within my vains, manipulation of emotions, such as instant crying, instant aggression, anger, instant urination usually in public places to embarrass, eye irritation, reading of thoughts remotely, connecting individuals wirellessly to psychotronic supercomputers, murder machines, and running relays between psychotronic servers which listen and learn to reprogram for further attacks on an individual, (slow-kill murder), controlling sleeping patterns i.e. either put the person instantly to sleep while that person is driving on a highway at high speeds, or constantly attack, prevent that person from sleeping to cause disease, cause severe itching all over the body or in difficult to reach places such as inside ears etc., cause imbalance, falls; move body parts such as arms, legs, head.

They even have the ability to cause people to give themselves a black eye or a bruise (even while that person is asleep, to wirellessly lift a human body then throw that person violently to the ground, cause severe pain anywhere in the body such as: spinal cord, give extremely painful back-aches; pain in kidneys, pancreas, bones, soft tissue, teeth (even when teeth or limbs have been removed – they do this to soldiers whose limbs have been removed); pain in the soft tissue, anywhere in the body; mimic all diseases such as MS and Parkinson’s because they are accessing our brains constantly; cause mental and physical diseases; wirellessly remove information about human body and brain send that information to Scientology wireless psychotronic supercomputers which rework that information, then put that reworked information back into our brains for a slow-kill wireless murder technique to cause disease and to call it natural causes death.

Scientology does it all for events and sells those events for profit, just as they are causing fires, air plane crushes, all for “reality shows” or “events”.

Scientology is our humanity’s biggest cancer. Reality shows must be stopped and outlawed. These shows are not population’s best interests. Those who willingly agree to participate in these shows have no idea what they are getting into.

Scientology Nazi party also attack our planet with wireless technologies capable of causing earthquakes, change weather conditions, cause tornados, instant lightning (etc. – all of it for their profit), and call it natural disasters. See (HAARP) technologies and others capable of creating earthquakes, tornados, instant lightning, and others. This is all done for profit reality shows. They have increased our insurance rates because of this.

As well we are being attacked in person by constant idiotic Scientology “street theatre” , public “reality shows” which are another form of terrorism. Scientology wireless for profit “events” such as police abducting innocent citizens, (police kidnapped me six times in a decade at a cost of one million dollars to Canadian taxpayers; once, the cop said to me: “And now, we will barter with Ms. Wallace.” I had no idea what he was talking about. Now, I realize they kidnapped me for Scientology “reality shows” or “events” and in an attempt to enlist me into their cult to cover up previous experiments on me); by removing people from their own premises, then illegally taking them to Scientology doctors in hospitals at an incredible cost to the taxpayers. (Once the police drilled right through my front door lock, another time they dragged me from my house in a nightgown, and yet another time, they took me out of my house without shoes).

Scientology doctors involved in attacks are: Sarah Garside, Dr. Rosebush (McMaster Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario; they were using psychotronic wireless technologies to attack me while in the hospital), Dr. Bibr and Dr. Sheibeaum (St. Joseph Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario); Ken Santher (Niagara General, Niagara Falls, Ontario). I obtained reports, tabulated costs – it cost Canadian taxpayers one million dollars for six kidnappings. And they are doing the same to millions of Canadians, and billions of people across the globe.

All kidnappings by Canadian police were on Friday. Quote from Daily Mail UK: “If it’s Friday, it must be Auschwitz”.

Scientology have also attempted to kidnap me several times in between and since then. There have also been numerous murder attempts on my life throughout and to this day. Scientology police stalk and harass me constantly. Scientology has undermined everything I ever attempted to do; they bounced me from job to job, and each time they already had prearranged attacks prepared for me.

Dams’ Dutch terrorist family, my next door neighbors, in addition to stealing from me, have been stealing money from African Aid Relief Funds through Scientology front group, Dutch Christian Reformed “church” on Jepson Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Some of the wireless microwave carriers they have been illegally accessing are: Dishevel/Bippsie, Psi/DET, LZI, LZII (algorithms), Antarctic Relay, UN Belgium subset, CIA Beta, CIA Russel, FBI Brother, Kortech Kpsi, Reticulan (all), UN Metric, Liberati, Russian T 2 8, All Carriers (tarball).

I moved five times in a decade, they continued to follow and continued their attacks physically, in person and using wireless human body attack psychotronic technologies slow-kill murder. Scientology, my next-door neighbors, Dams turned my life, my body, my brain, my current residence at 7055 Parklawn Crescent, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada into a wireless psychotronic slow-kill murder, Auschwitz-49 Nazi concentration camp! They planned it decades ago. In 1987, they created Lotto 649 in Ontario. “Six” stands for Satanism, “49” stands for Auschwitz 49 Nazi concentration camp. is blocked, no access
On Califonia Government’s child protection site Scientology in they usual “in your face” ideology are also telling people that they put California’s children in another psychotronic wireless Auschwitz 49 Nazi camp of their own.

In 1987 Cecil Dam, my now next-door neighbor, attempted to murder me on Highway 53, Garner Road, Ancaster, Ontario Canada. He drove a huge tractor trailer rig; I was coming at night from Mohawk College going to my home in Ancaster in the middle of the storm. We were going in the opposite directions. He was driving behind another rig; he crossed into my lane and attempted to force me off the road. I refused to get out of his way. I now realize, that Dams and Scientology for decades arranged my life situations in such a way, that I would now live next door to Dams, all because I am a woman and Polish. In 1987 I knew nothing about Dams or Scientology, I didn’t even know they existed.

S Family owns 49s Food Products a part of XL Foods – Lakeside (currently shut down by authorities and under investigation for contamination), and 49s Sports Team. Alaska Airlines has Club 49. There are also numerous Clubs 49 such as: 49 Club, 136 N.Main Street, Payne Ohio 45880; Club 49 Tailgate Crew; 49 Club, Anderson, California (now defunct), Club 49, 49 Greek Street, Soho, London UK W1D4EG; 49 Grove Manhattan Club; club Penguin Field Ops 49; Club Penguin Field Ops 49; Club 49, 49 Pine, Long Beach California 90802; Forty Niners Country Club, 1200 E. Tangue Verde (green) Road, Tucson Arizona Golf Courses; Club 49, Rockford, Michigan; Country View Golf Club 49, Burriville RI; Club 49, Ireland – originated February 23, 2012; http://49ersskiclub; 49’ers Golf Prospecting Club;; 49 Marnhull Cricket Club; Club 49, Redding California; Club 49 Midtown West, New York, 1535 Broadway, NY 10036; McCarthy Youth Camp consisting of a sub district of Lions Club International and is listed as charities; Ed Casey, district governor, 49B and includes: Fairbanks Choice Lions Club; Tok Lions Club; North Pole Lions Club; Fairbanks Motorcycle Racing Lions; Fairbanks Offroad Lions; Golfstream Lions Club; Delta Lions Club; Kenai Lions Club; Anchorage Racing Lions; Sleeping lady Mt. Lions Club; Menotenhall Flying Lions Club; Bethall Lions Club; Whitehouse Lions Club; Lake Laberge Lions Club; all listed as charity incorporating in Alaska 501c(3); others: Club 49 Fitness Studio in Chewalah, Washington; Club 49, Long Beach, California; Ashington AFC – Football 49 Club, UK –; (1972 is the year our houses on Parklawn Crescent in Niagara Falls were built); Herold Wood Cricket Club 49;…/49%20Club%;; Club 6/49 Montreal;; Club 49, Taipei; Club 49 on Pine, California;; 49 Grove Lounge in New York, NY 212 727 1100;; Ocen club 49 – Seashore Vacations – Hilton Head Island;;; Outrener 49 club;; Club 49 Detroit Gay Bar; Ladder 49 Fan Club;http://49erfranclub – (Ravensburger’s Wholesale, Grimsby, Ontario – Dutch); 49er Faithful Club; The 49 Club – Sussex Manchester UK;; Moxie’s Supper club, Highway 49-23 Ripon, WI;; 49 Club Court Stroudsburg, PA 18360; 49 Laughs//Laughing All Over Indian country;; Club Penguin EPF Field Ops Mission 49 Cheats Sep. 29;; Ouran High School – Host Club 49;; 49 Wheelers – Manchester’s Cycling Club; 49 Club & Institute Ltd. Caerphilly, The Crescent, TRECENYDD;;; Baby-Sitters Club 49 – Claudia-The Genius of Elm Street;;; West49 skateboard company.

People who are being attacked by Scientology and Dams, have moved countries even continents, not realizing that they already also were in their own, individual , Auschwitz-49 Nazi concentration camps which follow them anywhere in the world; Scientology continues to follow them and continue their human hunting, torture attacks.

They attack me all night and prevent me from sleeping. They torture me when I try to take a shower.

They encased me in an electromagnetic invisible wireless torture chamber, I feel technologies around me all the time, they stalk me; it is worse at home because Cecil and Sybrich Dam are next door and they use police programmers through their corrupt son-in-law, member of Caledonia Ontario Provincial Police who resides in Fonthill, Ontario Canada to reprogram their attacks on me. Once, they woke me up from sleep (when I was still able to sleep), and screamed at me: "Are you going to join us now?!" Another time they again woke me up and screamed: “We don’t care! We don’t care” over and over again for over half an hour. this to millions of We now have Sleep Hotels, and Psychotronic protectection hotels, (that’s what they did to Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson – sleep murders). And they are doing people world-wide!

Scientology attacked Poland, forced 1.5 million people to move to Ireland where there are no corporate taxes, and thus further enslaved them. Polish people are in perpetual trauma as I am the world does not know about it. Governments and national security authorities are not helping us. Scientology inflicts the most horrendous trauma on people.

They have the ability to change through the use of wireless technologies the outcome of elections, dissertations and who gets university degree using these technologies. They have been attacking athletes, making bets on the outcomes first.

They even attacked Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps a couple of years ago by wirellessly causing depression and lethargy in him for several months. They attacked pilots of F32 – Jeremy Gordon and Captain Wilson of Virginia National Guard- all for Scientology and Dams’ reality shows using illegal mind control psychotronic and other such wireless latest military technologies illegally – “60 Minutes” television program.

Using these wireless mind control technologies Scientology is programming people to either commit suicide or murder other people or do both – all for their for profit, illegal terrorist “reality shows” schools and movie theatres shootings.

Scientology, wirellessly using psychotronic technologies, first programs people for decades, and events – make bets on us and “events” sets up situations, everything for it to happen, then, they continue their in person and wireless vicious attacks in person and wirellessly humiliate people, and force them to commit suicide – it is all in the wireless programming and Scientology tech; otherwise, the way they do things. They tell people to either commit suicide or join them. They have been constantly doing this to me; telling me to jump into the Niagara Falls.

Scientology is an insane asylum. Using military technologies they have the ability to disable all car components, all technologies, all machinery. They are running secondary channels and are tunneling through all technologies, and thus are stealing from all of us. Because of that, what we see and hear is not always what radio or television program intended to inform us of, (even in private conversations, what is understood by us) using wireless technologies they are defrauding us.

Using wireless technologies they forged legal documents in California (and everywhere), and claimed that there was a law that one cannot say anything against a church. Church? What church?! Since when is a Nazi Party a church?!

There never was any such thing. Since when is a Nazi Party satanic cult political mafia organization that is attacking our whole humanity a church?! Collect back taxes from them! They now call children in legal language “issues”, by forging legal language.

Scientology International Corporation stole so much money from pensions, that now, they intend to displace world’s seniors and force them to return to their respective countries of origin to cover up their activities and for further control. Failing that, their plan is mass murder.

Using these illegal technologies they have the ability to cause and mimic all deceases including cancer. And they do all this with the help of police, the medical and social professions, pharmaceutical companies and governments. They participate on an enormous scale in human trafficking, abductions, pedophilia, street drugs and prostitution situations. Their intent is to turn all of our humanity into slavery. (By illegally assigning us barcodes or numbers they already have turned us into their slaves and consider us wireless for profit “products” , just as Nazis did to Polish people and Jews during the Second World War). They physically damaged our brain stems, scarred them, and assigned each of us numbers, barcodes, PIP (people I.P.) human GPS within our bodies. (this can be proven).

They keep putting this website everywhere: See: to legitimize what they had done – “in your face” ideology i.e. “yes, we did it, what are you people going to do about it”? They consider us their “possessions” or Scientology properties! They are even attacking nurses, patients and visitors in hospitals.

All our emotions, moods, and thoughts have a specific brain frequency, which has been catalogued and now is on Scientology Nazi Party satanic cult wireless supercomputers’ hard drives.
Information about human body frequencies can be found on these websites:…/human-frequencies-98842.html

They illegally access our residential hydro circuits and use our electricity for their purposes, our electronics, alter, modify that which is sent to them, or delete altogether, and illegally access our water and sewage pipes without our knowledge or consent.

Also check out: Intelsat Reports:

There appears nowhere for us to get help to disconnect us from Scientology wireless psychotronic supercomputers. One of the psychotronic hard drives is next door at Dam’s residence, another is at 1285 Ontario Street, Burlington, Ontario apartments owned by Ontim Investments – Scientology Corporation- (just before 9/11 attack on the United States, they had a huge very sensitive electronic computer equipment delivered to that location); Questica programming company in Burlington, Ontario; Cogeco Cable, Source Cable, Earthlink Cable etc. Canadian laws do not appear to protect us from these vicious attacks on our bodies and minds.

When we seek help for this horrendous crime, we are being further victimized. Scientology organization is criminally liable. In Canada, they kicked into high gear immediately after Concord plane crashed in 2000 outside of Paris, France which carried German businessmen who flew in out of Hamburg.

Scientology is a dead society living parasitically off human and social flesh. Scientology is an offshoot of Jonestown Ghana cult of decades ago when 950 cult members committed suicide while their leader, Jones escaped. Scientology Nazi Party is also connected to Russian Doukhobors cult of New Denver, British Columbia – A Russian Naked cult – And Scientology and Mormons are also connected to Moonies’ cult – all are a part of the same Nazi Party organization.

Arab Aviation is now denying landing privileges to 295 Scientology airlines to land in Ghana, Angola, Congo, Djibouti, Guinea, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kurgyz, Liberia, Mauritania, Mozambique, Gabon, Phillipines, Sao Tome, Principe, Sierra Leone, and Sudan. Through wireless psychotronic technologies Scientology is wirellessly on all flights – they followed me from Niagara Falls, to Pearson Airport in Toronto, Ontario Canada to Air Canada airplane and to Los Angeles and back to Canada. Extreme security and safety risk, a terrorist threat.

Scientology distributed computer tablets to their members onto which our thoughts, what we read, hear, type, see, write, paint and think is instantly displayed regardless of where they, and we are because it is wirellessly transmitted. Learning, productivity and creativity drastically decreased across the globe because of these attacks. They are stealing from all of us – everything!

Scientology tells its people to quit school, quit jobs, go on welfare and attack, harass, steal what they can, disrupt everything, and use wireless technologies to attack people. This is an extremely toxic, venomous, totalitarian regime! Using wireless technologies they scare people by wirelessly projecting holograms, such as heads on a platter, or SUVs blocking driveways – terrorism.

They have whole communes living in apartment buildings doing this – they attack everyone. There are 500,000 such unemployed people in Hamilton, Ontario and we have the same problem in Niagara Falls.

They, using latest wireless technologies have the ability to wirelessly steal physical objects without having to enter the premises; delete, alter and steal whole computer data bases even when the computers are not turned on.

They’ve installed programmed metal computer boxes about 3’ x 4’ in empty apartments; these boxes are used to program people in other apartments usually below. They also have similar boxes on rooftops.

Scientology/Mormons Nazi Party comprised mainly of Conservatives in Canada and Republicans in the US are the reason unemployment is high. There are ten main reasons why unemployment is so high: 1) Theft of information and attacks through illegal wireless access to us such as psychotronic technologies, and using other means. How can someone work or learn when he/she is under constant vicious attack; when someone has been illegally wirelessly connected to torture, rape and murder supercomputer and that computer attacks that person by sending constant mind control messages, wireless current, wireless electricity and signals to the body day and night?! 2) Attacks on people at their place of employment, constant undermining, and forcing people on disability. 3) Attacks on people forcing them into bankruptcy. 4) Attacks on people by Scientology through their own employment agencies and their control of HR departments within governments and private companies – they exclude us and deny us employment despite the fact that we are qualified for the jobs for which we apply. 5) Outsourcing to other countries such as India and China. 6) Robotics replacing people and failure to provide jobs for people who have lost their employment due to robotics. 6) Failure to provide retraining for people who have lost jobs due to no fault of their own. 7) Organizations such as Scientology, Mormons, Bhai, (Be “hi”; be us); Jehovah’s Witnesses tell their people to quit their jobs, recruit for them, and perpetuate a climate of death within our society through Halloween, Satanism and witchcraft. They continue to perpetuate a lie that continues to support their system. 8) Wireless theft from companies and governments, therefore they are not able to hire as many people, or are forced to lay off their employees. 9) Mismanagement of governments and companies and theft by Upper Management. 10) Failure to provide us jobs – it is governments’ responsibility to plan for the future and to make sure that there is sufficient employment available in the country. Governments intentionally take measures that certain percentage of unemployment exists; this is built in into their system. They want to make sure that they have sufficient “inventory” of unemployed to draw on in case of their needs. They disregard our needs. Governments failed to protect us.

Another 30-40% of employable people are on a disability because of Scientology/Mormons Nazi Party. They will do anything to support their own system.

Scientology people break into our properties, poison us and urinate on our carpets.

When their creditors come knocking, they shuffle money from province to province and use extortion techniques by applying illegal charges to accounts, through the governments’ financial departments. They do the same with businesses and personal accounts.

Another Scientology front group: Questica technology programming located in Burlington , Ontario Canada; Cogeco Cable-Burlington (former employer – my supervisor, a German woman, Brenda Schmeizer, once sent me email with this statement in it: “Final Solution”.

Cogeco is partly owned by Rogers Cable, located in Niagara Falls, Quebec and US; Source Cable, Earthlink, Mountain Cable, (Hamilton), hospitals, (all), Blast Radius Programming,(Toronto) (former employer) MedBroadcast, British Columbia; Coast-to-Coast, Mc Master University and Hospital, McMaster University chemistry professor whose education consists only of grade 13, but taught 4th year medical students, David Santry, formerly of Chemistry Department (former employer, Snowbird Software who poisoned me with cyanide and threatened to rape me) and his two sons who are graduates of McMaster University Computer Sciences program: James and Douglas, and Boris Koehler are involved in the attacks. Mc Master University Hamilton Ontario Human Rights Department fax number 905 522 7102. Scientology owns McMaster University and Hospital in Hamilton Ontario Canada.

Scientology “Church” in Moskow, Russia on Taganskaya Street.

Scientology cops using illegal wireless technologies are able to completely incapacitate person instantly, throw that person, and pin them down and murder instantly at will.

Using propulsion technologies, Scientology several times threw me wirellessly onto concrete floors in supermarkets, once in 2000 at Food Basics in Burlington, once in 2006 at No Frills, Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls, once outside my residence in 2004 in Stoney Creek, Ontario; and several times at my own residence in Niagara Falls. The store was not responsible, Scientology woman who walked into the store, used a wireless hand-held device capable of doing that. I did not inform the store. Several times they threw me down the stairs at my residence. Now, they threaten that if I attempt to do maintenance work at my residence, and get up on a ladder, they will again throw me down to the ground.

Other times, they threw me several times into a bathtub and wirellessly kept me there. They attached technological wireless reels to me and millions of people and connected them to supercomputers for non-consensual mind control experiments, profit, maiming and death, slow-kill murders, usually after they criminally profited or completed their (decades long) experiments for which they got paid.

They constantly rape me by sending psychotronic signals to my genitals and download numerous dreams of their choice i.e. Himler dream, all dreams are to torment; push down “Hitler” word every time I swallow.

Scientology extorts, demands money from people for séances, and for “protection” and attempts to get these people into an occult. Everything they do is hate, terror, rape, theft, damage and fraud. They rape children and girls to input their seed into them. They have been telling me to get out of my property because they are taking over my house. Everything this organization does is illegal, murder, theft, rape and terror.

They installed illegal microwave towers all over the place and are running secondary mass mind control communication channels over top of regular cellular communication channels for mind control of population. What Scientology Nazi satanic cult, Dam Dutch terrorist family and cops have done to me and other people is inhumane, in violation of all known human rights, treaties and laws, and unconstitutionally used on me and the public sector. I neither have privacy, peace, health, sleep, rest or security. I am constantly surrounded with wireless current, wireless electricity, signals and messages sent to my body.

Because of Scientology psychotronic murder machines, we now have Sleep Hotels, and Psychotronic Shelter Hotels. First, they attack us by preventing us from sleeping, then they profit again from their criminal actions; to Scientology, this is the norm, it’s their tech.

Scientology hired webmasters for Internet websites, copied government websites, broke links, redirected traffic to their own, stole emails, prevented them from reaching their destinations, retrieved faxes wirellessly, altered their content, deleted them wirellessly or copied them etc.

They are even able to lift human body wirellessly. They did this to me and then screamed: “Are you going to join us now?!”

They are inside everything, governments, stock markets, law firms, insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions, churches etc. and are undermining everything, splitting up families, separating children from parents, abducting people, viciously attacking all of us, especially children, they are illegally removing children from their parents, instigating wars, causing trouble everywhere etc. This is an extremely dangerous, venomous cult. If they are not stopped, this is the end of our humanity! They are pushing our whole humanity over the cliff into an abyss!

They attacked children and young people with savage viciousness and are in the process of taking out governments, student unions – everything. They hide in numerous so called “churches” even in shopping malls.

Also, using mind control technologies they illegally access people operating heavy machinery, driving cars, and even inside nuclear plants.

Scientology members have these technologies in their cars, trucks, mobile homes, motorcycles, vans etc. and drive around murdering, raping, stealing and attacking, torturing people with wireless technologies and wirellessly recording everything.

Scientology infiltrated all churches, they put their own people through RC church which they infiltrated into the First Nations residential schools to take down the Roman Catholic church, attacked the First Nations’ children from within. They opened a Dutch Roman Catholic church in the United States, then castrated several young men in an effort to take down the RC church. Netherlands, like the Caymans is a tax haven for the rich to avoid paying taxes. Scientology/LDS Nazi Party “priests” who infiltrated, have also been putting poison inside wafers served during Communion in Roman Catholic churches; an example is RC church on Main Street, Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Office staff is also Scientology Nazi Party.

Money is still owing to Poland and Polish people for that which Nazis did during the Second World War to Poland, and Polish people were never compensated, they never received any restitutions for the atrocities inflicted both on the country and Polish people by Hitler and Nazis during the Second World War and since to this day.

Polish people, also were either murdered where they were, or put into the gas chambers by Hitler; women were mutilated by Nazi medical experiments, yet no one fought for them. Nazis illegally used Polish land for their Nazi concentration camps in an attempt to turn the world against Poland. Poland has always been the forgotten country. The world has always looked the other way, as it appears to do now.

German occupied Poland was a prison-like territory. It contained more than 430 camp complexes. Some of the major ones, such as Stutthof and Auschwitz consisted of dozens of subsidiary camps scattered over a broad area. The number of subcamps under Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II (Birkenau), and Auschwitz III (Monowitz) was forty-eight (48). Their detailed description is provided by the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.

The camp system was one of the fundamental institutions of the Nazi regime, and with the invasion of Poland became the backbone of German war economy and the state organized terror. The racist policies of the Third Reich against Slavs and other "undesirables" filled the labor and concentration camps from the first days of occupation. The deliberate maltreatment, starvation, overwork and executions of prisoners amounted to ethnic cleansing.

Between 1941–1942, the concerted effort to destroy the Polish people including those of other European nationalities led to the creation of death camps, constructed for the sole purpose of extermination. It was only after the majority of Polish and Jewish people from all Polish ghettos were annihilated that the gas chambers and crematoria were blown up in a systematic attempt to hide the evidence of the crimes. The Nazi Germans turned Auschwitz Konzentrationslager into a major death camp by expanding its extermination facilities. The ovens working around the clock till November 25, 1944; were blown up by the orders of SS chief Heinrich Himmler himself.

My former employer, Cogeco Cable, ran wireless mind control experiments on me while I worked. Using wireless human body murder psychotronic technologies for two weeks they sent extremely painful signals to my spine. I continued to work despite the excruciating pain.

Scientology recently attacked Ukraine, then demanded protection, extortion money from Ukraine to stop the attacks, just as Dams, the Dutch terrorist Dam family have been demanding from me. Dams have been threatening that they will blind me and hurt my family.

They went after children with savage viciousness and have sold books with subliminal brainwashing messages to public libraries under "Owl" logo and name. They murdered parents and whole families in other countries, then adopted children and brought them to the United States – mostly Ohio. Scientology, for decades, have been wirellessly projecting owl sounds in neighborhoods.

Using the above and similar wireless technologies they also have the ability to change the taste buds.

Are you ready to live in Orwell’s nightmare of Big Brother and mind control slavery? The New Fourth Reich of Hitler’s demonic dream where perverted and promiscuous sexuality is promoted as “normal” and “healthy” , while Satanism with its rituals of human sacrifice is the only “religion” allowed?!

Scientology Nazi satanic terrorist cult will continue to attack our whole humanity, and in the end, there will not even be any evidence that we ever existed if they are not shut down immediately, their technologies destroyed. In the end, they will make sure that there is no evidence left that we, our humanity ever existed!

This is a war crime against our whole humanity! This crime is unrecognized, unacknowledged and not publicly discussed! Please unite to fight the biggest war crime against our whole humanity!

Scientology police and psychotronic weapons: – used on innocent civilians who are targeted by Scientology – used on innocent civilians who are targeted by Scientology – used on innocent civilians who are targeted by Scientology…

This website has over 7, 000 articles about Scientology abuses:

Petitions against Scientology: – United States, White House – Poland – United Kingdom – New Zealand – Hong Kong – Ireland – Philippines – Germany – Check Republic – Denmark – South Africa – European Union Australia – Italy – Russia
http:// – Child Protection
Here is one of the sites on which you can create your own petition:

And now, they are extorting money from me through Ann Felicetti and Niagara Falls Municipality Finance Department.

Scientology tells their members that there is such as thing as "operating thetans" who jump in and out of human bodies. Those “operating thetans” (the tans – India’s doctors) are illegal wireless connections of Scientology members’ bodies and brains to Scientology psychotronic supercomputers, their own personal Auschwitz 49 concentration camps confinement. And so-called "operating thetans" are wireless assaults, mind control attacks, illegal entry into members' brains and bodies, in fact that is slavery.

These wireless attacks physically touch and enter inside human bodies and are intended to cause physical, all psychotronic technologies have been created for one purpose only – to cause serious physical harm to a human body and brain and to cause psychological and emotional damages.

This knowledge alone is sufficient for Scientology members to break their billion year contracts with them because they lied!

I don’t want to go to my grave, leave this situation for my children and grandchildren without doing something about it.

Looking for help and answers we have informed Interpol, MENSA (all countries), Europe CORE; European Union, European People’s Party, European Parliament, WHO, UN, 58 locations of FBI; Restorative Justice, Poland’s government (all members); Angela Merkel, Chancellor, Germany, Germany’s media; 40 Class Action Law Firms, CSIS, RCMP,IRS, Canada Revenue Agency, UN, all members of Canadian Senate, all members of the United States Senate, all US Congress members, all US Governors and Lieutenant Governors, all Ministers of Canadian Parliament and the Senate, Czech Republic, Croatia, Australian, New Zealand Governments and media, Intellectual Property and Copyrights, Security Commissions, CRTC, Fintrac, The First Nations and Tribal Government, International Red Cross, Geneva Convention, International Criminal Court; Consent and Capacity Boards, Christian, Buddhist communities; Polish, Croatian, Ukrainian, Norway, (governments, media and communities) Jewish, Irish, Scottish, Greek, Italian, French, British, Japanese, Chinese, Pilipino, Spanish, Latino, Czech, Cuban, Burmese communities, world Human Rights, International Cooperation, Foundations, and psychiatric associations; coroners, seniors organizations, veterans, medical fraud reporting agencies, Boys and Girls Scouts, Navy and Army Cadets, youth organizations, child protection agencies, adoption agencies, human trafficking organizations, newspapers, radio stations, television stations, mayors, cities’ councilors in all cities, individual departments government employees, student unions, student governments, sororities, fraternities, alumni, sports teams, human rights and social and criminal justice organizations, all universities, all high schools, middle schools, elementary or grammar (lower level) schools, middle schools, (worldwide), journalist schools, law schools, school boards, parent-teacher associations, the military, tourism industry, wine industry, all sports associations, all car dealerships and manufacturers, all supermarkets, insurance companies, Optimist and other clubs, Club Houses, mineral, yacht and seafood industry, Psychiatric Associations world-wide, the Vatican etc., Canada and the United States and world wide.

Jessica Wallace


In May I sent this email to Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor:


May 14, 2012

Angela Merkel
CDU – Bundesgeschaftrstelle
Konrad-Adenauer – Hau
KlingelhoferstraBe 8
Berlin 10785 Germany

Chancellor Merkel:

Last week I sent you email about Scientology/Nazi satanic terrorist political cult.

I am asking you, as a Chancellor of Germany, Germany’s most powerful woman to help us shut down Scientology/Nazi Party International, confiscate all of their assets and force them to pay restitutions.

Since Nazi party originated in Germany, it is Germany’s responsibility to rectify all the wrongs they have done, not only to Poland, but also to all of our humanity.

You, as Germany’s Chancellor have the power, and if it comes from Germany, other countries, the world will listen and also will help.

I realize that even if they were to repay Poland, and Polish people for the wrongs they had done, to them because of their wealth, it would still only be a drop in the bucket; it would not even make a dent in their wealth. However, because they acquired that wealth illegally, we must demand that they return it to us.

Money is owing not only to Poland, but also to former Yugoslavia, former Czechoslovakia, Africa, Canada and the United States to name a few. A drop from each country and before you know it, the bucket will be filled.

In the mid fifties, Nazi scientists who either during the Second World War, or immediately following, escaped to the United Kingdom, created HIV in the UK laboratory. They infected a military man, then sent him to Africa to infect African black population; and we now have world wide AIDS epidemic.

We must not only choke them out financially, but also politically, academically, professionally and so on. Nazis who are now members of legitimate democratic political parties must resign, or be forced to resign and to form their own political party and call it what it is – The Nazi Party. They can’t be both. This is illegal. I am asking you to publicly announce that this must be done world-wide for our protection. Take away these illegal wireless technologies from them and they have nothing; the organization will fall apart.

They are responsible for wars, genocides, rapes, illegally wirellessly accessing human bodies for their profit by illegally assigning us human GPS and using illegal psychotronic slow-kill murder wireless technologies intended to only be used by the military on the enemy; however it is illegally being used on innocent civilian population world-wide.

Scientology/Nazi satanic terrorist political cult is responsible for all that is wrong in our world today. Too many people are suffering as I am. They are keeping me in a technological wireless psychotronic torture chamber, in essence, Auschwitz Number 49. My body and my mind is constantly being illegally accessed by them, I am constantly being tortured day and night each day, technological psychotronic wireless signals are being sent to my body, and constant messages are being sent to my brain. I am suffering.

Also, I am wondering if you know that Unicef reported a number of years ago that about 50,000 wealthy German businessmen each year cross into Check Republic and rape young children, who are sold by very poor Czechoslovakian families. Who are these people? Information about them must be publicly disclosed and this must be stopped. What if anything is Germany doing about this?

Scientology and their psychotrinic torture and mind control technologies must all be immediately shut down world-wide! They are using these technologies illegally, and are torturing millions of people across the globe.

Some of the wireless microwave carriers they are accessing are: Dishevel/Bippsie, PstDET, LZI, LZII algorithms, Antarctic Relay, UN Belgium subset, CIA Beta, CIA Russel, FBI Brother, Kortech Kpsi, Reticulan (all), UN Metric, Liberati, Russian T 2 8 , All Carriers (tarball).

As I stated in my email to you before, psychotronic weapons are those that act to take away a part of the information which is stored in a human brain. It is sent to a computer, which reworks it to the level needed for those who want to attack, control and slow-kill, murder people, and the modified information is then reinserted into the brain to attack human body. Essentially, that person is staring at a gun barrel ready to kill. And that is what they have done to me.

They, through the use of illegal wireless military technologies have all our information: pin numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, passport and visa information, our tax returns, how much money each of us has, where we live, our credit line, how much money we owe, our telephone numbers, who we talk to-they listen to our conversations, what we think, read, see, type, paint, create such as music, write and say, regardless of the security that had been installed at the universities, residences, government departments, or private businesses, including courts, hospitals, elections and law firms (they bypass security) ; (all of it is now in the hands of this the most dangerous world’s Nazi Scientology hate terrorist organization, stored on their hard drives) They have the ability to wirellessly alter all of the above. We need to find out where their equipment is located, where these hard drives are and destroy all of Scientology psychotronic and mind control technologies, shut them down completely. They are too dangerous. This is world’s biggest technological epidemic, millions of people are suffering, yet it is unacknowledged and unrecognized by the authorities and no provisions have been made by our governments to protect the victims and to stop this torture.

Scientology Nazi Party stole and copied our memories and knowledge, stored them on wireless technological servers or Clouds, and are using that information for the purposes of stalking, psychotronic torture including using EMF overhead radiation, and other psychotronic methods connected us with reels to supercomputers which listen and learn for the purposes of further torture attacks, using “yes”/”no” or “good cop, bad cop” technique, in essence taking out the middle, the person.

– Psychotronic wireless murder technologies
– Psychotropic prescription drugs
Psychotropics, defined as medical preparations used to induce a trance, euphoria, or depression. Referred to as “slow-acting mines,” they could be slipped into the food of a politician or into the water supply of an entire city. Symptoms include headaches, noises, voices or commands in the brain, dizziness, pain in the abdominal cavities, cardiac arrhythmia, or even the destruction of the cardiovascular system.

– Psychiatric medical methodologies – what does all of this tell you?! It tells me premeditated murders.

Some of the information about people who are suffering from slow-kill murder psychotronic technologies can be found on the following websites:

Some other illegal technologies (intended only to be used by the military in case of war on the enemy, but are being used on innocent civilians) by Scientology Nazi terrorist, satanic, political cult organization are: EMF, (overhead, wireless radiation – because of that fertility has decreased in North America), NRM, V2K, Silent Sound, SIGNALS, DEW, ELF, SIGINT, VDI, EBL, 3D Speech and sound, and numerous others.

Since I have not been able to obtain any help from Canadian Government, probably because there are too many of Scientology people within Canadian Government, I am asking you for help. Chancellor Merkel, it is Germany’s responsibility to put an end to this immediately! Too many people are suffering as I am. Please take immediate action. Thank you.

Jessica Wallace
7055 Parklawn Crescent
Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada
L2G 5B8

905 356 9836

United Nations and Russia Stay Off Internet petition
Please distribute, forward this email to others; thank you.

We all need this information so that we can protect ourselves.

(I am unable to receive email, they are blocking it).

Niagara Falls

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