Hello, I am a figure skater at Az ice in gilbert Arizona and my coach needs help. She was a ranked coach in Spain and now she coaches here. she is a very hard worker and just all around very a great coach, she knows the skills and how to teach them, so there\'s no reason for the rink manager and the staking director to be doing this to her other than the color of her skin. the skating director treats her and her skaters differently. He\'s always watching her and her students for no reason. when the parents complained to her about their children being treated this way she went to him with her concerns and when he never responded, she went to the rink manager who then called her \"Difficult, rude and sarcastic.\" now I know that this might not seem like much, but the old staking director JJ was an African American and this man Mark pushed him out from being a director by taking the rink manger and owners out to dinner and things of the like. once he had JJ\'s position he fired JJ. My coach is the only person of color at the rink now and he\'s trying to push her out too. Once my coach reported the concerns to the manager, Mark took her coaching information off the website, took her off of coaching the learn to skate classes, and really just keeps harassing her. this isn\'t right and someone who has ever said \"he\'s so dark the only thing you could see at night is his teeth.\" in reference to JJ, or \"you know how Asians are.\" about one of my coaches students or for the holiday show only giving my coach music like \"Joy To The World by Whitney Houston from The Preacher\'s Wife and ease on down the road from the Wiz.\" shouldn\'t be in his position and shouldn\'t be able to push my coach out. I am not biased here I\'ve had other coaches and she really is one of the best at the rink. she\'s done all that she can do but now the skaters and parents of the skaters are going to have a meeting with the management, but if that doesn\'t work what\'s the next step? I want to be prepared, if my coach has to move rinks I\'ll move with her but I don\'t want her to have to move because I know a lot of students just won\'t be able to move to a different rink. This is her passion and she\'s amazing at it, what can we do to stop them from taking this away from my coach? I\'m sorry this was so long, or a waste of your time but I have to try. Thank you for your time. ~Bethani Collins

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