Racism and the idea of Nation State

If you are proposing the re-invention of the State, what will it look like and what will constitute a parallel public sphere?’ Well, I’ve been thinking about your question tonight, and even though I haven’t an elaborated answer, here there are some ideas: I am assuming first that “Nation” State includes homogenization in terms of

Osu Outcast system in Igbo, Nigeria, Why?

The Osu Caste System, by Leo Igwe The Osu caste system is an obnoxious practice among the Igbos -in Nigeria-which has refused to go away despite the impact of Christianity, modern education and civilization, and the human rights culture. In this piece, I will argue that the Osu discrimination is an outdated tradition with no

Cast System in India and Nepal why?

I come from India where caste and race are still major social differentiators, and the source of widespread oppression, discrimination and exclusion, even to this day. It is no secret that the caste institution in particular was legitimized in the Hindu scriptures, which possibly explains why our major social reformers went straight to the root

Adaptation of race concept

I agree wholeheartedly with the adaptation concept. I propose though that, the stress factors creating separation between people have everything to do with external control and very little with essential human nature. It follows then that, an adapted range of diverse human interaction is a strength that is yet to be tapped meaningfully. As the

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Becca Husselbee an employee at Caters News Agency has made racist comments about Muslims

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70,000 Indian Muslim clerics issue fatwa against terrorism

70,000 Indian Muslim clerics issue fatwa against Isis, the Taliban, al-Qaeda and other terror groups

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