Racism in the open labour market

*Is Racism in the Workforce More Common than you Think?* Before we begin looking into this issue, I would like to point out that this is by no means supposed to be a slur on anyone who may be implicated by the results of these studies, and is merely a fact based look into the

Learning the Reality of Racism

By Craig S. Keener.Professor, Asbury Theological Seminary, and author of many books Sometimes white people think that racism is a dead issue, because they do not experience it. Yet it is not wise to judge other people’s experience based on our non-experience. In 1991, I converted to the Black Church. Unlike my earlier conversion from

Labor-day 2012, the new global slavery concept

By Christian Thibault, Helsinki, Finland. 1st May 2012 This was supposed to be an integral part of my May1st speech and than a dear friend came to talk to me and I lost all time to write anything more. I was going to talk about the selfishness and structures, that make us forget the real

Race & Difference in the 21st Century

“Our greatest strength as a human race is our ability to acknowledge our differences, our greatest weakness is our failure to embrace them” differences are beauty of the world: against any form of racism! Race & Difference in the 21st Century First, the word diversity does define us as humans, much better than the word

Lessons from South Africa

Lessons from my own country (South Africa) show that issues of race, gender, diversity, culture and even soil; hold comparatively little value compared to trust, reconcilliation, self-actualization and other basic human needs. Of course, we are a young democracy still finding its feet; yet we have learned in a very short period how to manage

Institutionalized Racism

In mid-twentieth century, the social psychologist Gordon Allport wrote that you could get a person to admit they were a liar, cheat, or thief before they would admit to being a racist. With so many people/institutions in denial, it’s a wonder there’s any racism. The corporate advisor/local employer face-off referred to above resonates with the

Difference / variation / diversity

Race & Difference In the 21st Century The debate to date has revolved around which word – difference/variation/diversity – is more appropriate than another and has involved only 2,3 or 4 people only. Approximate world population as I write the figure – 6,818,967,320 – dynamics = 255 babies born every minute / 107 deaths per

What is your reality of Race

I worked for almost ten years in the Balkans dealing mainly with minority groups and their rights. So what I find out is that individuals belong to different realities at the same time, and that human beings are complex. May be obvious, in any case, “race”, well, I prefer “ethnicity”, is within our “senses of

Identity, Diversity & Adaptation of Race

Difference is as I think an often used but wrong word for this discussion. It seems very academic to make a point of words, but words actually set things in motion. The word difference is implying that there are people among us that are in every way the opposite of us. I think diversity is

Racism and the idea of Nation State

If you are proposing the re-invention of the State, what will it look like and what will constitute a parallel public sphere?’ Well, I’ve been thinking about your question tonight, and even though I haven’t an elaborated answer, here there are some ideas: I am assuming first that “Nation” State includes homogenization in terms of

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I work for Safety-Kleen me and a lot other of Black employees apply for other

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