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Racistreport.org is a mass movement for fight against racism that works for improving the quality of citizenship and human dignity globally, founded in August 2011.

RacistReport.org is a citizens journalist approach on racist events in the World and a front-line movement that fights against racism from across the World. The site allows victims of racism across the World to report cases of racism, get legal aid, chat with other victims and get advice from our team of professionals around the World.

With our computed racism analytics, we are able to acquire and monitor real time data on racism from across the World for statistics.

Together we can uncover the true impact of racism on humanity and push for legislative changes around the World.

Attitude Adjustment, UK is a non-profit organisation that works for improving the quality of citizenship and human dignity globally. Attitude Adjustment is a global Initiative and a legal entity for; racistreport.org, bribenigeria.com and livetunnel.com respectively. Attitude Adjustment has a structured framework of aligning its institutional objectives with the performance of its programmes. Attitude Adjustment websites aligns with the goal of making a measurable difference in the quality of Citizenship across the globe. It does this by adopting the strategy of empowering citizens using net based platforms for recording the grassroots experiences of citizens.


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My friend Dybirus ask restaurant can he use bathroom and owner began to tell saying

Black peoples are being told you have to work for the company for a year before you can move department s but if your white you can move department any time line.

I work for Safety-Kleen me and a lot other of Black employees apply for other

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70,000 Indian Muslim clerics issue fatwa against Isis, the Taliban, al-Qaeda and other terror groups

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Total Racist Reports: 1251

  • United States 815 (100%)
  • United Kingdom 113 (14%)
  • Australia 28 (3%)
  • South Africa 26 (3%)
  • Canada 26 (3%)