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With your help we can uncover the true impact of racism on humanity. If you have been subjected to any form of discrimination because of your skin colour, race, sexual orientation, religion, culture or ethnicity please share your story with the World and get help.

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It’s easy, report your case now and together we can push for legislative changes around the World.

Recent Reports

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My family and I went grocery shopping after Hurricane Irma. While at

Car saler dont sell car to me,because I use the money from china to purchase the car.

I saw and gave the reserved money on the Friday,and me and

Black racism

African American like to talk about racism, but I guess it\'s ok

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Top 5 Racist Countries

Total Racist Reports: 1201

  • United States 780 (100%)
  • United Kingdom 106 (14%)
  • Australia 28 (4%)
  • South Africa 26 (3%)
  • Canada 25 (3%)

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