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With your help we can uncover the true impact of racism on humanity. If you have been subjected to any form of discrimination because of your skin colour, race, sexual orientation, religion, culture or ethnicity please share your story with the World and get help.

How it works

  • Victims of racism can report story by clicking on “Report Your Case” and fill in the form.
  • Click on “Read Racist Reports” to read stories from victims of racism.
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It’s easy, report your case now and together we can push for legislative changes around the World.

Recent Reports


My name is Claudia Stoller – I run a social media consulting

Kyle the bully

kyle has harassed me multiple times he said i was shit at

Report this WordPress sub domain website – – I report this site for being racism in my religion

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I am a social worker. By virtue of the work I do,

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Top 5 Racist Countries

Total Racist Reports: 511

  • United States 302 (100%)
  • United Kingdom 54 (18%)
  • Australia 17 (6%)
  • Canada 12 (4%)
  • Ukraine 9 (3%)

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